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Financially Secure FutureOh, here we go! Sliding into the end of yet another year.

Before you get too busy with all the holiday festivities, take a little time to reflect and ask yourself:

“Did I reach my most important goals for 2013?”

“Am I significantly closer to realizing a bigger vision I have for my life?”

“Are my finances, work and lifestyle all serving me well?” 

Hey, if you’re not where you’d hoped you would be, that’s okay. After all, it’s so easy when we start a new year to be full of big dreams and goals. It feels good to envision what we might accomplish and we get excited about what’s possible.

But then, as you come to the end that same, “no-longer-new” year, you may feel like your big vision and goals are far from being realized.  Sure, you made some progress but your larger vision still feels so far away.

It’s not your fault.

You did exactly what you were supposed to do. 

Because even though you have a grand vision or dream for what you want in your life, you’ve also got a life-long inner story about who you are, what you deserve and what’s possible for you… a story built on the beliefs, messages and influences you’ve consumed since you were born.

And that story is running the show.

Here’s what happens.

You envision what you want for yourself. Let’s say you finally want to have a career that will allow you to make twice the income you do now. Or maybe it’s simply to create more ease and abundance in your life overall. So, you sketch out goals and maybe even commit to some practices that will help realize those goals.


Except, remember, your inner story is running the show. And your inner story is saying:

“I can never really make more than a 5-figure salary.”

“The only career choices I have are ones where someone else tells me what to do.”

“I’m not good with money; never have been. I’m always broke.” 

So, no matter what your vision may be, if your inner story doesn’t support them, it’s almost impossible to create what you envision. 

By the same token, your inner story could be in complete alignment with success and financial abundance. It could be saying:

“I’ve always been successful at anything I wanted to do.”

“Money is never a problem for me.”

“I’m at my best when I’m the one directing the show.” 

Whatever your inner story is, you’re destined to keep recreating it.

So, if your inner story isn’t supporting your bigger vision and goals, if it’s telling you you’re only worth so much, capable of so much or meant for something less than what you want, it’s time to change your story. 

But how?

How do you start to dismantle your old inner story, that one you’ve been recreating and reinforcing for your entire life? What does it take to create a new one? One that fully supports your dreams and goals?

First, you can’t do it alone. But you can do it! It takes commitment, curiosity and courage to challenge old messages and beliefs. And with the right guidance, support and tools, you can create a new story that will support your biggest dreams and goals.

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December 3rd, 2013 by Karen McCall