Every New Year’s Day, my husband and I have a ritual that we go through around our financials.  Last year when we did this exercise, something was REALLY bothering me.  I knew that I was being called to do something else…..

In this short video below, I share about what that was and how I developed a new strategy for my business, my financials and a way to serve more people with their money relationships:

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Here’s what one of my participants, Pam, said about the one-on-one support that she received in the course:

I felt completely supported in my commitment to planning and tracking my way to a stronger, brighter, abundant financial life. Karen takes you through her book, Financial Recovery. We not only covered the inner work of our past, but the one-on-one bonus meeting with her was incredible. I was blown away by the tools shared, and the personal interest Karen takes with each participant for each of the many months included in this program of growth. I am also thankful for the amazing community of like-minded women. It was a mastermind of empowerment with practical and soul centered learning.

Get ready to experience the power, joy, and possibilities of a new life with money!


January 9th, 2017 by Karen McCall