Two Hour Teleseminar

Countless people are suffering from chronic financial difficulty due to specific money disorders, like compulsive shopping, over-spending, chronic debt and under-earning. These disorders create an unstable, unsustainable financial situation that causes anxiety, worry and a progressive downward slide into a pit of hopelessness and despair. While not everyone “hits bottom,” their financial dysfunction often follows a predictable and recognizable path.

But equally, there is a healing progression up and out of financial dysfunction into financial health and well-being. In this teleclass, you will:

Learn to recognize the self-defeating money behaviors of people caught in chronic money disorders.

Understand how and which emotions are directly tied to most money disorders.

Gain insight into both the progressive, predictable nature of a dysfunctional relationship with money, as well as the healing progression towards financial recovery.

Learn the steps necessary to heal money disorders and achieve financial stability and well-being.

If you register and pay for all three teleclasses, you can save $25.

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May 3rd, 2011 by Karen McCall