Two-Hour Teleseminar

The money autobiography is a powerful tool that allows people to look at their personal life history through the unique lens of money. As you write your own personal money autobiography, your early money beliefs will be uncovered. You will also become aware of what money means to you, as well as your personal motivations surrounding money.

But more importantly, you will realize how your money history is directly influencing your present day financial behavior.

This journaling tool has four sections: early childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, and present day. As you explore the early childhood and adolescence section, you will come to understand how your family of origin and childhood money stories are affecting your present day reality. In the early adulthood section, your first responsibilities and experiences with money are explored. And finally, your present day experiences with money, debt, savings and work are understood with a new clarity, compassion and insight.

In this two hour seminar, you will:

Process your own personal money autobiography.

Understand how your money history is directly influencing your present financial behaviors.

Make the undeniable connection between your mindset to your current financial patterns.

Experience greater freedom and control as you uncover your motivations and make more conscious decisions around money.

If you register and pay for all three teleclasses, you can save $25.

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May 3rd, 2011 by Karen McCall