The revolutionary program for getting

out of debt, staying out of debt, and

creating the life you truly deserve

Debt is an embezzler 

It steals your security for the futureattacking first your money, then your emotions, then your health, then your spiritall while dramatically diminishing your quality of life.

If you are in debt or have ever been in debt, you know how agonizing and destructive it can be.

I do too. Years ago, I was flat broke and dodging creditors. 


I was stuck in a seemingly endless cycle. But I gradually developed tools to combat debt—tools that became the cornerstone of my program—and I got out of it. For good. 


So can you.

You, too, can get out from under your debt. You, too, can create financial freedom. You, too, can build the life you want without always worrying about what’s around the corner.

  • If you feel embarrassed about your debt. 

  • If you feel trapped and hopeless because of your debt.

  • If you feel shame about your debt.

Then this course is for you. 

I’m Karen McCall, founder of the Financial Recovery Institute and a pioneer in the field of money coaching. 

For over 32 years, I’ve helped people transform their relationship with money in order to create the life they truly want. In addition to working directly with clients, I’ve trained hundreds of money coaches around the world on my philosophies and in my process.

From my experiences witnessing my clients’ profound transformations, I know you can get out of debt, stay out of debt, and create the life you truly deserve. Because I’ve done it myself, and I’ve helped thousands of people just like you do it, too.

If you live in America, nearly two-thirds of us have credit cards averaging nearly $9,000 in credit card debt. (I know, if you’re like me, you’re thinking: “Gee, I wish I only had $9,000 in debt!”) The total of consumer debt is over $13,860,000,000,000. (That’s what 13.86 trillion looks like when you write it out.)

Credit card debt has become an epidemic in the United States, and many people consider this financial state a way of life. Many of us got our cards with no intention of using them “except for in an emergency.”

But credit card companies know there will always be some kind of emergency. They seduce us with low starting interest rates, free signing offers or gifts of airline miles, lures of convenience, discounts, and all sorts of other perks. Just like the casinos with their discount buffets and free drinks, the credit industry is set up so that the house always wins.

The [credit card] house always wins.

This is true even if you pay off your cards every month, you pay more than the minimum payments, you get free mileage or cash bonus points, or you get free hotel stays and upgrades.

I teach a strategy for eliminating credit card debt because I want you to beat the house, and I know how you can do it.

""I really like Karen's teaching style. It’s relatable but at the same time, it’s very apparent how knowledgeable she is about her topic! I find Karen to be so compassionate and non-judgmental. I feel like her tone makes it very easy for people to look at their money with her.""

Kadidja Yansane
Business Coach

Believe it or not, to live a financially stable life, the issue is not getting out of debt.

People get out of debt all the time. Some people are actually quite good at getting out of debt again and again—the problem is that they just go right back in. Just like yo-yo dieting, some find that they have accumulated and paid off debt many times, only to find themselves facing it once more.

To have true freedom in your life, you want to escape the cycle of debt forever—to never fear going back into debt and, what’s more, to have stability with your savings.

Yes, it is possible for you to be debt-free and to have savings

Not only is it possiblebut these two things are far more linked than most people realize. 

During my 32-year career helping individuals and entrepreneurs create thriving lives, I developed a process that works to get you debt-free forever, no matter how much debt you are in or how much you earn.

I call the process Saving Your Way Out of Debt.

Many people believe they can’t begin saving money until they are free of debt. In fact, saving—even while you’re paying down credit card debt—is the key that will free you from the credit card debt cycle forever.

"Karen McCall's program, Saving Your Way Out of Debt, has changed our life. For the last 20 years, we have put every bonus or surge of money into paying off debt. Only to be left with more debt as unexpected expenses occurred, which left us feeling out of control and crippled with anxiety. With Saving Your Way Out of Debt, we were finally able to focus on creating a savings account. When unexpected expenses came up, we simply replenished our savings. The clarity and sense of control we have now is incredible—no more anxiety about how we're going to pay for things down the road. We have savings and a foundation for whatever comes our way..."

Kate Saint Clair

It’s unconventional, I know. And as I’ve told countless clients who’ve saved their way out of debt, I ask you to trust the process.
If you do, and you follow the nine steps...

You will get out of debt.

You will remain debt-free forever, and the money that you have been paying on interest to credit card companies will now be money for you to spend on your needs, wants, and desires.

You will be able to live the life you truly deserve.

The truth is—if you want to get out of debt and stay out of debt, you have to start saving.
Current thinking says if you have high-interest debt, you have to pay that off before you start saving.

It’s wrong.

It’s a myth.

It’s very short-term thinking.

It works to pay off your debt with all your available money only if you assume that tomorrow the world ends. Well, okay, to be less dramatic—it works to throw all your available money at your debt only if you assume that nothing out of the ordinary will ever happen again.

But the one thing you can be sure of is that “life happens.”

Surprise expenses will always crop up, no matter how thoroughly you plan. Many people pay with credit cards, and doing so while trying to pay down their debt leaves them very frustrated.

Is your current plan working for you?

Have you ever gotten out of debt only to go back in?

Do you lack savings to cover periodic expenses?

Have you built up safety net savings for income protection?

Debt continuously gets in the way of you showing up for your best life. When you promise to yourself, this is the last time I need to pay off this credit card. When you slip back into debt after just getting out. When your relationship with money creates a lack of thriving and a permanent state of surviving. When you aren’t able to use your money for the things you truly want.

I’ve been there, and I understand debt and all of its accompanying stressors. It’s hard to admit that your plan isn’t working, or to find yourself waking up in the middle of the night worrying about finances. The cycle needs to stop, and more importantly, it can. With my proven methodologies, I can help you say goodbye to debt not once, but once and for all.

"It's Unorthodox"

“Karen McCall has an unorthodox way of getting out of debt, but it works.”

Jean Chatzky- Money Magazine

My nine-step method is proven, and it works. It’s worked for countless clients who have left their relationship with debt behind. And it can work for you, too.

Introducing my brand-new course, Saving Your Way Out of Debt. I’ll take you through my teachings that introduce the nine steps to getting out of debt through videos, worksheets, exercises, and tangible steps—all at the extremely affordable price of $97

Saving Your Way Out of Debt is a revolutionary process for how you can get out of debt, and, maybe for the first time in your life, develop a plan for saving that really works!  .

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The important relationship between debt and savings.
  • How people fall into debt—and the financial and emotional toll it takes.
  • Ways to build up three different savings funds.
  • And, the path to conquering debt once and for all.

All the while, you will learn how to live free of debt even if you’re not (yet) debt-free.

It’s a simple yet life-changing strategy for
Getting out of debt,
Staying out of debt,
Creating a lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of,
And being in a position to secure your future.

The most transformative aspect of Saving Your Way Out of Debt? It’s not just a model; it’s a practical system I have used with real people of all income levels for more than three decades—and with great success.

It’s also for money coaches, financial professionals, mental health professionals, and life coaches looking to bring these revolutionary teachings and methods to their clients.

"I've included this process with my clients, and they've finally been able to create the lasting habit of savings while also starting to pay off their debt. Saving Your Way Out of Debt ensures you don't keep the habit cycle of debt going; instead, you save for what is expected. This is so key to my clients' success!" "

-Linda Parmer-
Certified Money Coach

So, are you ready?

I’ve worked with thousands of people using these strategies, taking them from skeptics to believers. I’ve worked with people who had resigned themselves to a lifetime trapped in a virtual debtor's prison, who then became debt-free and remained so for the rest of their lives.

I decided to start with Saving Your Way Out of Debt because I know how overcoming a problematic relationship with credit card debt can change people’s lives.

I wanted to bring this work to anyone who needed it. Because this process truly works.

Through the course, I’ll teach you everything I have learned in over 30 years of working one-on-one with clients, helping them become free of debt.

Saving Your Way Out of Debt is part virtual video sessions with me, and part action steps that will help you go deeper to understand and transform your beliefs around debt.

Action steps designed to help you stop digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole and to gain a new understanding of what put you there so you never have to go back in again.

To move forward into a new financial lifestyle, it all starts with you.

My promise to youthrough these nine steps, you get to enjoy life while you eliminate debt for good.

I hope you’ll invest in yourself—at the extremely affordable value of $97, Saving Your Way Out of Debt will help you to create a future free of debt. 

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