Somewhere inside of you—inside all of us—are good and “bad” beliefs about money.

You may not know where they come from, or you may know exactly where they come from.

But the undeniable truth is: whether you earn $25K or $400K, money means something to you.

Anytime you earn, spend, borrow, save, win or lose money, you are relating to money, giving meaning to it, and feeling something from it.

  • You may feel high when you buy a new designer purse.
  • Or extreme guilt over your daily latte.
  • Or resent knowing that your coworker’s paycheck is heftier than yours.
  • Or feel pushed to work harder so you can keep those beautiful things you love.

Or, you may not feel anything.

For example, do you know how much your ideal lifestyle actually costs?

Or exactly how much debt you owe on your credit cards?

Even if you are ignoring money, you are still relating to it.

And this is where things get tricky…

If you don’t have a wise understanding of what money means to YOU and only you, it will have a hold on you.

The real truth is…

Your current money relationship is very likely holding you back from bringing MORE money into your life. 

If the topic of money makes you feel anxious, fearful, and secretive, you’re in the right place.


My name is Karen McCall. I’m an author and speaker, and the founder of The Financial Recovery® Institute, as well as the founder of MoneyMinder® Systems and the co-founder of MoneyMinderOnline.

Some refer to me as the pioneer of the financial recovery movement. And indeed, I’ve been helping men and women build healthy, thriving financial lives for more than three decades. Since the late 1990s, I’ve been training money coaches internationally to build thriving practices helping others do the same.

But years ago, my life was quite a different story…

Back in the 1980s, I looked every bit the part of a successful career professional: I had the prestigious address, the designer wardrobe, the late model sports car, and a corner office in a landmark skyscraper in San Francisco’s financial district. But behind that impressive façade lay a dirty little secret:

Instead of saving, I was living paycheck to paycheck. I was behind in my rent and car payments. Bill collectors were hounding me. I was racking up credit card debt at an exorbitant rate.

In short, I was in a financial mess.

And to make matters worse, I was too proud to admit I didn’t know how to manage my money—and too ashamed to ask for help.When I did find the courage to start seeking answers, I soon discovered there were no services for people like me.

I looked for answers in books, and found plenty of financial advice, but there was nothing on the shelves that addressed the root causes of my money problems.

Financial planners and accountants knew a lot about saving, spending and investing, but not about the self-defeating money patterns that were ruining my life.

I sought out therapy, which helped me process my pain, shame, fear and sense of deprivation. But it didn’t give me concrete tools to help me handle money in the real world.

Like so many others, I had been living in what I call “a money coma” — utterly unconscious of my relationship to money — and that relationship was exactly what I needed to understand. And change.

And then I had a realization that finally enabled me to build a new and healthy financial life for myself…

Money is charged with emotional, practical, and spiritual meaning—and you must attend to all three if you want to transform your financial life.

Because there was no method out there that brought together these critical elements, I started taking simple steps…

I got very clear on what I needed versus what I wanted.

I created easy money-tracking tools unlike anything I had found that were simple to follow.

I quickly began to see financial growth and stability, and because of the new skills I was building, I felt more confident and at peace.

I realized that I had developed something quite unique–a very effective process that truly merged together the emotional, practical, and spiritual pieces.

I began sharing my method with others, and the results were exciting and profound. People from all walks of life and all income levels were able to immediately transform their self-defeating behaviors and, over time, change their entire financial lives.

In 1988, I started my Financial Recovery practice and laid the groundwork for the Financial Recovery Institute.

Fast forward to today, and my work has been acknowledged and embraced by experts in both the financial and mental health professions.


“… if it wasn’t for Karen, would I be doing what I’m doing now?”

“Karen McCall is THE pioneer in the field of overspending, underearning, and chronic debting… and my long-time mentor.

She was one of many professionals I visited in those early desperate days of my own financial crisis. She was, however, the only one who told me I was an “underearner”. Initially I balked at the accusation.

But she broke through my denial, and I became her client… then her student. I often wonder, if it wasn’t for Karen, would I be doing what I’m doing now?”

-Barbara Stanny, The Leading Authority on Women and Wealth,


“This is the only program I know that teaches how to “stay” out of debt. This program WORKS! ”

“By the time, I heard about Karen McCall and her Redesigning your Money Relationship program; I had been spending a lot of sleepless nights wondering how I found myself in that familiar vicious cycle with money once again…the vicious cycle of making money – spending money – creating debt – paying off debt and starting all over again. This is how I was living for years. I was making good money but I was letting it slip through my fingers. Although I was paying my debts off every time, I was creating more debt as soon as I paid them off. Didn’t know how to stay out of debt.

Then came Karen McCall and Redesigning your Money Relationship program. Although I was very hesitant to sign up, not sure if I will benefit from it, I now know joining the program was the best thing I’ve done for myself and my finances.

The program delivered what it promised. I redesigned my relationship with money. I now have a respectful relationship with my money and I am loving it. The program is over but I have a solid spending plan that honors my wants and needs. I was able to start a savings account during the program for the things that I used credit cards for and I have been building my savings over the course of the program. In addition to all this, I haven’t used my credit cards over 6 months now and have already started paying off debt.

This is the only program I know that teaches how to “stay” out of debt. This program WORKS! The sense of freedom and peace of mind I feel after having completed this program is the biggest gift. Because I believe in this program, I even signed up with Karen again for a business program so that I can start my new business on solid financial foundation.”

-Nukhet Hendricks

Over the years, I’ve helped people from all kinds of financial circumstances—whether they come from inherited wealth or have been plagued with debt their whole lives. And I’ve witnessed them transform their lives with my proven process.

What if I told you that just 6 months from now, you’d feel excited to look at your bank account, confident about your cash flow, and finally be on an upward financial spiral—all on your own terms…

After nearly 30 years, guiding clients through my proven method and training other financial counselors to apply this work in their own practices, the time feels right to unveil something I’ve never done before…

I’ve put together a powerful 6-month program, designed to fundamentally change your relationship with money.

This is truly my keystone offering, based on the learnings I’ve uncovered over the course of three decades in my own financial recovery counseling practice.

It’s my entire life’s work, distilled into to a transformative step-by-step curriculum where I’ll personally guide you through powerful lessons and give you easy financial tools, so you can transform your financial life.



A powerful 6-month program that will fundamentally change your relationship with money.

When you take this journey, rich new possibilities will emerge…

  • You’ll have more money to spend on what you really want as you naturally lose the urge to impulse buy.
  • You’ll shed feelings of shame around your credit card debt, bank account balance, or paycheck as you step into your true worth, and own your financial future.
  • You’ll face your debt in a responsible, sensible way, without depriving yourself of things you love and cherish.
  • You’ll be in tune with your true desires, and have a real picture of what you value, and what you must have in your life.
  • You’ll have more “feel good” stuff in your life—peopleexperiences, passionclothes or lattes—whatever nourishes you on a personal level.

You’re invited to let yourself grow, let yourself transform, let YOUR life blossom.

I know first-hand that money is charged with emotion, but I also know that it holds a very practical, even urgent significance in our lives.

This program brings you the perfect balance.

You’ll uncover your fundamental relationship with money, and while the “a-has” and emotional shifts are happening, you’ll begin using simple, practical financial tools to pull you out of your financial fog.


“Karen’s class transforms fear & fogginess into clarity & power.”

“Karen McCall and The Summer Financial Recovery class transforms fear and fogginess into clarity and power. I highly recommend this program.

I felt completely supported in my commitment to planning and tracking my way to a stronger, brighter, abundant financial life. Karen takes you through her book, Financial Recovery. We not only covered the inner work of our past, but the one-on-one bonus meeting with her was incredible.. I was blown away by the tools shared, and the personal interest Karen takes with each participant for each of the many months included in this program of growth. I am also thankful for the amazing community of like-minded women. It was a mastermind of empowerment with practical and soul centered learning.

This class, shared with vibrant women from all over the world, will inspire your personal power in your wealth and all areas of your life. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to change your financial life and personal power.

-Pam Davis

Here’s what you get when you join


A 90-Minute Training Call 2X per Month

That’s 24 weeks with me personally guiding you through my proven method. You’ll feel like we’re working 1:1 as we dig into your unique relationship with money and get your spending plan and the other practical pieces in place.


Live Q&A After Every Session

You’ll be so inspired and excited after each session that I’ll open the floor for questions and any revelations you may be experiencing. This is where the group format can be invaluable, as you hear how money is impacting your peers, and as I share smart insights and on-the-fly strategies.


Eye-Opening Discovery Exercises & Worksheets

You’ll get access to exercises I use in my private practice that easily bring your unique money patterns, behaviors and desires to light. My clients love to revisit these as their financial lives evolve and their goals expand, because the insights are always surprising.


My Signature Financial Tools & Trackers

Money is real, tangible, and urgent, and I give you the practical tools you need to get your finances in order asap. Half the program will be dedicated to spending plans, financial goals, getting out of debt, and cash flow—you’ll have clear systems that are so easy-to-follow, you may start to see this piece as FUN for the first time in your life.


24-7 Access to the Private Facebook Group

Having the support of like-minded people can be instrumental to your success. That’s why outside of my guided trainings and live Q & A sessions, you’ll be able to ask questions, share successes and challenges with your fellow course participants. The Private Facebook Group will be alive and thriving 24-7, so no matter what part of the world you live in, you’ll be able to tap in and stay connected, and receive guidance when you need it.

Here’s What’s In Store With the 24-Week Course Curriculum

Deeply embedded money patterns don’t change overnight. It’s probably taken you years to get to this point, and I’ll be honest—it will take some time to get over it. That’s why my 24-week program gives you plenty of time to learn, absorb new insights, and then put your new money behaviors into practice. I’ve seen this work help people of all income levels, so stay the course, and believe in what’s possible…


Introduction & Orientation

In this first phase, you’ll begin to clear the way for your new financial life through discovery, reflection, and identification. Together, we’ll set a firm stage for the powerful, creative work ahead—a safe space where you can dream without judgment, as you get in touch with what truly satiates you.

Session 1: Discover Your Unique Relationship with Money

Here’s what we’ll dive into together in this first session:
  • Gain clarity on your unique preferencesvalues, and personal desires. (You’ll reunite with hidden dreams and possibilities you may have buried away for years.)
  • Create a fresh vision of your new relationship with money, and define what financial success will look like for you.
  • Understand how your spending and saving habits have always been a mirror for what is missing in your life, and see how you created your current financial setbacks.
  • See how you can stay in tune with what your soul needs using money as your guide.
  • Discover the vicious cycle that is creating the enormous pressure you feel to make more money, or spend less.


Going Deeper: Examine Your Relationship with Money

Most intelligent, gifted, and brilliant people feel like they should be able to look logically at their circumstances and figure out how to change their money behaviors. But intellect is hardly ever adequate to solve the problem.

Your money problem likely doesn’t come from a lack of intelligence, a shortage of hard work, or an inability to solve problems.

Thinking doesn’t solve it. Working harder doesn’t solve it. Obsessing and calculating doesn’t solve it.

Usually, it comes from something deeper, and this is where we’ll go in this second phase of the program.

Session 2: What Spending, Debting & Earning Really Means to You

Here’s what you’ll discover:
  • The three primary money conditions, so you can pinpoint the one(s) that you instinctively turn to for comfort, and see exactly where you need to focus.
  • Your personal “money scripts”—the deep-seated beliefs that have been ruling your behaviors. Imagine having a new, more positive financial outlook that helps you make adult choices that build your wealth, and help you earn what you deserve.
  • Find out how your struggle to set limits, say no, or ask for what you deserve is holding you back financially and personally.
  • Why the cure to overspending is not about logical solutions, like spending less and saving more—but instead lies in knowing two distinct parts of yourself.
  • The trap of magical thinking, and how you can do a gentle check-in with yourself starting today so you stay grounded in reality and eventually build a very real, magical life.

Session 3: Healing, Deprivation, and Shame

  • The three signs to watch for in your own life to see if deprivation is at work and at the root of many of your financial struggles.
  • Why deprivation affects people of all income levels, even those who seem to “have it all”.
  • How to sort out your needs from your wants so you can finally feel satisfied and stop chasing down empty indulgences.
  • Why rigid budgets hinder your progress, and what to focus on instead that will put you on a new track to successful spending.
  • Why you may be incredibly successful in one area of your life—work, relationships—while your money life may be a complete mess.
  • Why strict, narrow thinking is actually doing more harm than good—and where you should be coming from when you come up with a spending plan.
  • Create your needs and wants list—an exercise that will serve you well for the rest of your life. You’ll never look at a purchase the same way again, because you’ll see them as the smoke screens they really are.


Get Conscious About Your Money

In this phase, we’ll move into the practical how-tos of money management. The emotional part of this work—examining your relationship with money, exploring your needs, wants, and desires—becomes enormously powerful when you combine it with the mechanics of effective money management.

These practical strategies, coupled with the emotional discovery, are the dynamic duo that make this method so effective. We won’t be abandoning the internal work, but will continue to weave it in as you learn the practical steps.

Session 4: How to Instantly Connect with Your Money

Here’s what you’ll get in this module:
  • Cash Register – With this tool, you’ll no longer wonder how that $200 ATM withdrawal disappeared so fast.
  • Check Register –You won’t have to worry about surprise overdraft fees, because you’ll know exactly where you stand with your account.
  • Credit Card Register – A quick and easy way to become conscious of invisible spending that has been adding to your debt for so long. You’ll find that this activity actually reduces or eliminates you using your credit card. It’s an instant way to get money mindful.
  • The most common forms of resistance, and how to spot them when they’re popping up, so you can stay the course.
  • Tips for getting the most out of tracking, like sneaky spending tricks, and proven tactics to help make tracking a daily ritual.


Cross the Bridge to Your New Financial Life

Here’s where you will cross over from the financial life you’re living to the one you want to live.

You’ll work over the course of two sessions to create your custom spending plan. This is an 8-step approach that has yielded consistent, powerful results with my clients—so much so that they report loving their plans. You’ll see that it can feel good (and even fun!) to be connected with your money in this way.

You may find that this is the “magical” part of the program where positive changes start to emerge in your life in noticeable ways. Many people report having less arguments with their partners as they get more confident about their expenses and their loved ones gain confidence in them.

Session 5 & 6: Individual Spending Plan Part 1 & 2

By the end of these two lessons, you will:
  • Have a custom-designed spending plan to follow that feeds your soul and builds your bank account month after month.
  • Fundamentally shift the way you feel about spending, so it’s not a judgmental space of shoulds and shouldn’ts, but instead, a space to be honest about what makes you feel good.
  • Never think about budgeting or a stifling money diet ever again. Most diets don’t work. But a spending plan feels fantastic—this means you don’t have to give up your lattes and designer shoes if you plan responsibly.
  • Get proactive with your spending (instead of reactive), so you get exactly what you want every month in a “do-no-harm” way.
  • Plan for bigger goals with an annual spending plan, such as investing in a new business, changing careers, or taking a year-long sabbatical.


The Breakthrough Approach to Becoming (and Staying) Debt Free

Many people put their lives on hold until that mythical day when they will be debt free—but it never comes. This is because just like the casinos with their discount buffets and free drinks, the credit industry is set up so that the house always wins.

This is true if you pay off your cards every month, or pay more than your minimum payments, or get free mileage or cash bonus points, free hotel stays or upgrades.

Believe it or not, to live a financially stable life, the issue is not getting out of debt. People get out of debt all the time—the problem is, they go right back in.

The system I have used for over two decades is truly counterintuitive to anything you’ve heard before. But I’ve used it to help thousands of people, real people of ALL income levels, get and stay out of debt. I’ve seen people start out as skeptics, and become believers.

Session  7 & 8: How to Get and Stay Out of Debt Part 1 & 2

Here’s where you’ll get to experience this for yourself:
  • Instead of looking at your relationship with debt, we’ll look at your relationship with something that is pivotal to getting and staying out of debt. (This will be new, and truly unique—but it’s where the hidden gold of this work lies — you’ll love it!)
  • How to handle surprise expenses that will inevitably pop up. Life “happens” and this is why the short-term solutions that most experts recommend don’t help you realistically navigate real world situations.
  • My 3-step “Debt Pyramid” so you can visually see how you will sensibly handle your debt and not put your life on hold to make it happen.
  • Specific strategies you can implement immediately that will help you uncover hidden money sources.
  • special tool to help you feel more financially secure before you’ve eliminated your debt.


Is Your Work Working For You?

As you develop a firm foundation of good money practices, the next natural area of your life that will start to blossom is your relationship with work and earning.

Many times, overspending is not the root of financial issues, but rather, some struggle with work and earning. But what I’ve witnessed, almost without exception, is that those who work on their personal finances DO naturally began to earn more money. It doesn’t matter if you are self employed or are a salaried employee, it’s typically part of the process.

This phase of the program will facilitate real, tangible improvements in your work. You’ll explore your current level of job satisfaction, your compensation, and any obstacles that are keeping you from earning what you deserve.

Sessions 9 & 10: Your Relationship to Work and Earning Part 1 & 2

  • You’ll examine your work history and identify your unique earning patterns. (This exercise always strikes a chord with people, since it’s a very illuminating view of your money relationship.)
  • You’ll discover a powerful visualization exercise to uncover your specific earning ceiling—the dollar amount that represents where you are stuck right now.
  • You’ll get guidance on how to improve your current work situation, whether you love your work, but feel underpaid, or make plenty but don’t feel fulfilled.
  • You’ll get clear on how much you need to earn to live the lifestyle that feels rich to you. (Everyone has a highly individualistic picture of what a good life means to them . You’ll get clear and be able to see how your work can fuel your ideal way of life.)
  • Special money challenges for small business owners versus corporate employees, and what you must get clear on to excel in either setting.


The Final Touches

If you work the program, and truly follow this course, you will fundamentally change your relationship with money—and you’ll also be able to maintain that relationship. But this phase is key…

This is a phase of clarity and play—your imagination can wander now because you’ll be seeing signs and movement all around you that your life is growing and expanding.

Session 11: Sterling Money Behaviors

  • Become aware of your soft spots—those areas where old habits are prone to sneak in—so you can infuse them with new energy and positive actions.
  • You’ll identify specific “sterling” behaviors in not just your financial life, but your spiritual, family, physical health, friendships, business partnerships, community, and more.


Bringing It All Together

Session 12: Closing Session + Q&A

This final phase of the program is where we bring it all together. You’ll be living in the power of your commitment to your financial future. You’ll have demystified so much of your own debilitating fears around money, and you’ll be on your way to making money be what it truly should be: a tool to help you live a life that fulfills you deeply.

I’ll share a few insights so you leave the final session with confidence and clarity. Then, we’ll close with a meaty Q & A session, where you can ask questions and share revelations with your fellow program members. So many of you will have bonded by going through this process together.

By the end of this program, you will have a solid understanding what your soul craves, and be better aligned with your three most precious currencies—time, energy, and money.

And on a practical level, you’ll be able to apply what you learn in this course to ANY financial goal—whether it’s buying a new house, investing in real estate, launching a new business, or being able to save for your children’s college fund, or for your retirement.

Here’s who will benefit the MOST from this course…

  • A person successfully earning up to 6-figures or more, but hiding an uncomfortable amount of debt, or a secret messy financial life.
  • young parent ready to decide how he/she will support his/her family’s future, AND pay the monthly bills
  • A “workaholic” C-suite executive unable to slow down from the rat race.
  • senior living on a fixed income struggling to make ends meet.
  • small business owner with growing overhead and unorganized invoicing and accounting systems.

“I became aware of my subconscious beliefs and how they were affecting my behaviors with money.”

“My goal for taking the Summer Class was to get tools to get conscious of and stay connected to my money, which I did by developing the habit of recording all my transactions. I now schedule time to plan my monthly spending, check mid-month on my plan, and have gotten clearer than I was before on my wants and needs. Through that process, other things were revealed and became apparent to me. My expectations for the class were more than met and my relationship with money has greatly improved in the six months. By staying connected to my money, I’m meeting more of my needs and am able to differentiate between wants and needs. This effect has even begun to trickle down to my children.

For me, the timing of the class felt spiritual. I was ready to do the work. I liked that there were two main components: the practical and the emotional aspects. I became aware of my subconscious beliefs and how they were affecting my behaviors with money. I enjoyed the assignments, which kept me engaged and learning in between meetings. I feel I now have a good foundation and more clarity for making decisions about money moving forward. Taking this class, putting in the work and doing the reflective exercises has shifted my energy, my thinking, and beliefs towards a more positive relationship with money, for which I am most thankful. I would definitely recommend to my friends, or anyone, to take this class.”

-Kathy Sauder

How much is more time, more energy, and more money worth to you?

Those who go through this process start to see big improvements in not just their finances, but in all areas of their life…

For starters, let’s look at the recovered income this course will help you generate.  When you think of the thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars you will save by not overspending, and by lowering your interest rates as you get your finances in order, the cost of this program is one that will pay for itself…

You’ll also enjoy more free time. When you have a choice on what you’d really like to do, your daily and weekly pace will start to feel better. Just think, what would you do with a few extra hours next week?

Improved relationships. Most of my clients admit that money is a primary source of family and relationship conflict. When you do this work, defenses come down and anger dissolves to make room for a more honest connection with your partner, and your loved ones.

And perhaps best of all, no more deprivation. When you get in touch with what’s been missing for you, you’ll discover ways to meet those unmet needs—more time for yourself, pride in your home, and more social interaction.

This 6-month program is a bridge that will take you from shaky to stable and from stable to STERLING. You are worth the investment it takes to cross that bridge.

This is a live, 6-month program, where you’ll receive guidance from me in structured, supportive environment. And, your investment in the program is less than $225 a month.

If you are ready to take this journey with me, now is the time to reserve your seat. Don’t delay — registration ends and class starts January 25, 2018.


A Free Copy of Karen’s book: FINANCIAL RECOVERY: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money


As you work with Karen live, you’ll have the perfect companion guide on hand—it’s Karen’s free gift to you for joining the program. Karen’s book has been called “A money book with heart” with a “winning combo of emotionality and practicality”. It’s chock-full of Karen’s wisdom and real-life case studies of people who have transformed their financial lives, no matter their unique situation. This bonus is a powerful complement to the work you’ll be doing with Karen live. If you live in the U.S, your free copy will be shipped to you. If you are international, register by January 25, 2018, and you’ll be sent a free Kindle copy!

Let me help you design a financial life that serves YOU. What you gain with this process will truly serve you for a lifetime.

6 Monthly Payments


Billed monthly for 6 months.

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One Payment


Best value, save $147!

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Registration ends and class starts January 25

10dayI believe so strongly in the power of this program that I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you fully participate in the program (by demonstrating that you’ve completed all webinars and assigned homework) and don’t see a positive, powerful change in your relationship with money, just let me know. I’ll give you a full refund.

Get ready to experience the power, joy, and possibilities of a new life with money!


P.S. In 2018, this program will be the most affordable opportunity to access my system, and receive direct training from me. Best of all, we’ll be working together for 6 months, so you’ll have the time to take in all the “a-has” and undergo real positive transformations as we work through and reinvent your unique money relationship. Remember, this course is LIVE, and there is a deadline to register. Make sure you reserve your seat before January 25. I can’t wait to dive in and work with you!