Plan for a soulful, balanced, and financially sane holiday season with the Holiday PlannerEvery year the media asks me for an updated version of my Holiday Planner, so in late September my team updated it, and I’m happy to announce that the newest version is available for free on my website.

What’s the Holiday Planner?

The Holiday Planner is a 25-page ebook used in conjunction with an Excel spreadsheet for planning the holiday season of your dreams.

Let’s face it — for many, the holidays are a mixed bag. Sure, we love being with family‚Ķ we love the sights, sounds and smells of the season, and getting a few presents. However, it can also become a time when we try to do too much in too short of time; we may eat to excess; and we may spend money that we don’t have only to receive unwelcome bills in January.

My Holiday Planner helps you to avoid the regrets of the holiday season by walking you through the holidays of your past and having you envision the holiday of your dreams. The chapters include:

  1. Examine Reality
  2. Examine Your History Part I
  3. Examine Your History Part II
  4. Connect the Dots
  5. Picture Success
  6. Create Your Holiday Spending Plan
  7. Balance the Books
  8. Plan How to Spend Your Time and Money
  9. Track Your Expenses
  10. Enjoy the Holidays!

By taking a look at your past holiday experiences, you uncover why you behave in certain ways, ways that sometimes lead to unpleasant results. Once you have an understanding of this, you have the power to recognize behaviors and change them for better outcomes.

By creating a spending plan that you stick to before the last-minute shopping occurs, you’ll have clarity and conscious choice-making on your side. Nothing works exactly as planned, and built into my Holiday Planner is a chapter on making adjustments as plans change for making mindful choices.

The Holiday Planner spreadsheet is the companion piece for the ebook and makes it easy for you to plan, adjust, and most importantly be aware of your spending as it is happening so that you don’t have unhappy surprises in January.

I hope you find the Holiday Planner guide and tool helpful in making this holiday season one of your dreams come true! Download your free copy of the Holiday Planner here.

October 15th, 2015 by Karen McCall