Bronze Star MedaThis week is the 45th anniversary of my younger brother Bobby’s death.  Within two years to the week my father also died.  I think of them both during this time, but mostly of Bobby.

There is a picture of me as a blonde haired 22 year-old mother of two receiving the ceremonial flag from an officer at the Air Force base in Sacramento.  It is a day I remember as if it was yesterday and remember trying to fight against the unstoppable well of tears that opened up that day.

Today I’m feeling a little sad but I am also frustrated with myself because—two moves in less than two years means that I know that picture is here but I just don’t know quite where.

So here is a picture of his Bronze Star Certificate.  He was in Viet Nam 6 months as an 18-19 year-old.  I look at my grandson Nicholas today and am so grateful that he feels he has options — options my brother Bobby didn’t feel he had.

As a little girl, looking after my brother Bobby is one of the things that made me. That I couldn’t stop him from going to Viet Nam or protect him from the things that happened to him over there remains one of the true disappointments in my life.

I will remember him always — I will miss him always.  Thanks for letting me share this remembrance.


January 9th, 2014 by Karen McCall