Happy New Year Everyone!

I know for me the beginning of the year is a great time to think about what’s important…what I want to accomplish, what areas of deprivation I want to heal, what I want and need to earn, and to just tune in to what my soul is craving.

I know I’m not alone. Was 2017 another year where you were always worried about money? Do you feel like that is holding you back?

You may feel as though you look successful on the outside but on the inside you are living in a fog about money. Maybe you feel shame, secrecy or conflict in your relationships and have an overall feeling that there isn’t enough.

I know that feeling. I’ve been there. It wasn’t until I started to think about money in an emotional and practical way that I started to live a richer and truer life. I redesigned my money relationship and now I invite you to take that first step to do the same by joining me on my upcoming FREE webinar, where I’ll talk about topics such as:

  • money problems and what to do about them
  • financial disease and its symptoms
  • 3 signs of deprivation
  • breaking denial
  • the key to becoming conscious and connected to your money
  • understanding needs and wants
  • creating a personal spending and income plan
  • debt and savings
  • understanding your relationship with work and earning

Here’s all the information you need to get signed up for my free webinar:

New Year New You 2018 Free Webinar
Tuesday, January 18th 4:00PM PT/7PM ET
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Don’t miss this incredible chance to learn how you can develop a healthy relationship with money—see you there!

January 5th, 2018 by Karen McCall