The holiday season is upon us. Which means many of us find ourselves buying gifts, decorations, extra food for gatherings and parties with family and friends, barely giving a thought to the compounding purchases as we hand the clerk our plastic. It’s as though we’re on autopilot. We are so busy preparing for the festivities that we don’t stop to think about the snowballing totals.

Then, in January, the bill comes. As we look at the total, shocked, we literally feel a knot in the pit of our stomachs and wonder how in the world we could’ve racked up that much expense. We can’t even remember what all the purchases were. We may feel shame for spending so much. “Why—and how—did I spend so much?” we may ask ourselves. We are surprised at how we could’ve gotten so out of control with our spending. We experience a hangover….a financial hangover!

The good news is that this scenario doesn’t have to become a reality. To avoid that holiday financial hangover, I created the Holiday Planner to help you plan, stick to your plan, and even do things that cost little or no money to have an enjoyable, memorable, debt and stress-free holiday. I even shared some excerpts from it in my last Money Moments post. I hope you’ve had a chance to download the MoneyMinder® Holiday Planner and that you’ve found it helpful AND empowering. But, if you haven’t yet downloaded it, I invite you to get your own copy here: MoneyMinder® Holiday Planner.

Wishing you a financially sane holiday season!

December 6th, 2017 by Karen McCall