If you are a coach of any kind or simply someone who loves helping people-and you want to make a good living doing it-this opportunity may be perfect for you.

Consumer debt is at an all time high.

People are working long hours just to make ends meet. Medical expenses continue to rise. The economy is unstable. People are uncertain about the future. And sometimes people--all levels of income and all ages--just make bad decisions with their money…

Which means you are looking at a huge opportunity.

Millions of people everywhere are desperate to be free of their ongoing money problems.
And serious money problems require way more than budgets and planning tools.

You could be the one to help them change all of that...

What that single mom who wants the best for her kids, or that well-off but over extended middle aged couple really need--and what they are looking for--is someone who is trained to show them how to recover, heal, and take charge of their financial future. And they need someone who will listen.

This is why Money Coaches trained in the Financial Recovery Process are in such high demand.

Financial planners, advisors, accountants and credit counselors are valuable assets when it comes to money management and planning but are not usually trained to address the deeper emotional issues that keep people stuck in self-sabotaging money behaviors. It’s these problems that, left unidentified and unresolved, will keep people in debt and despair.

An unhealthy relationship with money does not get better on its own because the root problem is often subconscious. Think of it as a money blind spot.

My program, the World Class Money Coach Training gives you the guidance, tools, and experience you need to not only tackle the deeper emotional issues and the day to day habits created by them, but also how to build a lucrative, highly rewarding business.

This step-by-step training allows you to go at your own pace and replay any lesson you want, whenever you want.

In as little as 30 days you could be helping people break free of their money problems and experience financial peace of mind forever.

You do not need to be a financial planner, accountant, counselor, or coach to become a money coach, but if you are, this program could add a very profitable, new revenue stream.

How This Program Gives You the Power to Change Lives and Make Good Money 

Unlike any other money coach training program available today, the World Class Money Coach Program goes way beyond budgets and debt-reduction strategies.

It teaches you how to help people completely transform their relationship with money so they can be free of self-defeating money patterns forever.

Think of it as money management with heart.

As a trainee, you will learn and apply the tools, processes and systems that help people identify and transcend their self- sabotaging money patterns, change their financial circumstances and create a financial future that supports their dreams, goals and deepest needs.

  • Do you want to earn a great income while making a positive impact on people’s lives?
  • Do you want the freedom and flexibility to create your own schedule, set your own rates and work with clients all over the world… without leaving the comfort of your own home or office?
  • Or maybe you’re ready to increase the profitability of your current business by offering services that are always in high demand.

Whether you're ready for a new career or you want to make more money in your current practice, the World Class Money Coach Training gives you the guidance, tools, and experience you need to build a lucrative and highly rewarding business helping people break free of their money problems and experience financial peace of mind forever.

As a trained Financial Recovery money coach you will be able to:

  • Establish your own thriving business as a money coach.
  • Have a life-changing impact on individuals, families and businesses by showing them how to establish a healthy relationship with money and build a solid, sustainable financial future.
  • Be your own boss, design your own schedule, and make great money in any economy.
  • Help people build self-esteem and self-confidence as they create the financial stability they've always dreamed of.
  • Transform your own relationship with money and establish financial stability for yourself and your business.

Why there’s no better person to train you to become a successful World Class Money Coach...

About Karen McCall

My approach to helping others is rooted in my own experience. Years ago, my financial life was in shambles. On the outside, I looked every bit the part of a successful career professional: I had the prestigious address, the designer wardrobe, the late model sports car, and a corner office in a landmark skyscraper in San Francisco’s financial district.

But behind that impressive façade lay a dirty little secret:

“I had all the trappings of success, but the truth was, I was flat broke.”

Instead of saving, I was living paycheck to paycheck. I was driving with an expired license and my car registration was past due. I was behind in my rent and car payments.

Bill collectors were hounding me. And things were steadily getting worse. I was racking up credit card debt at an exorbitant rate, unable to discern between the things I wanted and the things I needed.

In short, I was in a financial mess. And to make matters worse, I was too proud to admit I didn’t know how to manage my money—and too ashamed to ask for help.

When I finally hit rock bottom, I realized that there was more involved than my lack of financial skills. There were deep-seated emotional issues that were undermining my ability to succeed with money.

If there was a proven, step-by-step method for building a successful money coaching business, one that included:

  • how to get paying clients,
  • coaching and communication skills,
  • the philosophy of money, wounds and shame,
  • money tracking
  • and includes “over the shoulder” coaching sessions so you can watch Karen in action…

Would you finally feel ready to make money coaching, changing the lives of people who desperately need this service and making a good living doing it, your next step?

When you finally have the confidence to turn your desire to do this into real world skills--and revenue--everything changes.

When you finally have the ability to change the lives of people struggling with debt, shame, fear, and no idea how to get out from under it all,
everything changes for everyone.

If you’re ready to join an elite group of current World Class Money Coaches as the next wave of those who will be able to bring peace, support, and new ways of doing money to the millions who need us, here’s how to do it...


The World Class Money Coach Training


It's the most comprehensive training, taught by one of the top financial coaching experts with over 30 years of experience, designed to talk you literally step by step from new kid on the block to savvy coach/successful business owner.

Let me say this right up front, this training is not for anyone looking for a “money in a hurry” kind of business.

This is a masters level, comprehensive program for anyone who has the commitment and desire to start a business or add a new revenue stream to an existing one.

If you are already a coach then you probably have clients with money issues; too much debt, underearning, overspending in the name of “investing in their business.”

Right now you may not know how to show them a lasting way to change their current habits.

As a WCMC grad, you’ll know exactly how to help. This can set you apart from all the other life and business coaches--and as you know, there are plenty of generic coaches.

Don’t be that coach.

As the pioneer in the world of money coaching I’ve been helping my clients create better futures, save their businesses, and training people just like you for 30 years. My methods are not only unique, they have stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

For years the only way you could get trained by me to become a Financial Recovery Coach was to work with me for one year. But I realized that some people who would make excellent coaches would not be able to commit to a year-long training. And the price was out of reach for many.

But, like you, I am committed to changing people’s lives.

I spent the last year transforming my one year long, $18,000 program into a virtual, go-at-your-own-pace, much more affordable one.

As soon as you enroll you’ll get lifetime access to all 26 modules, videos, worksheets and exercises, plus bonus modules.

And you'll receive 6 months of live, monthly calls with Karen for Q & A and help with your journey to success.

*(Don’t worry if you can’t make the call live, all calls are recorded and will be hosted in the members community area)

Let’s go through everything you’ll find in the program...

Phase 1

These modules form the foundation for the World Class Money Coach Training.

You’ll learn what makes the Financial Recovery system different and more effective than other money coaching programs. And take an in depth look at the psychology of money, how money problems begin, and they can turn into addictions.

  • Financial Recovery Overview
  • The philosophy of financial recovery
  • The 4 stages of financial recovery
  • Money disorders and characteristics of addiction
  • Common addictions financial counselors see
  • The progressive nature of financial dysfunction and the recovery process

Phase 2

Practical Principles of this work the Financial Recovery way
You’ll learn how people’s external behaviors are guided by their internal stories about money, their wounds. Think of it as psychology meets spirituality.

You’ll also learn how to use MoneyMinder, the online money tracking and planning software I built from scratch when I couldn’t find exactly what was needed to support this work. You’ll use it for yourself as a way to learn to use it with your clients.

  • Healing the wounds of shame and deprivation
  • The FR Process/MoneyMinder Online
  • Saving Your Way Out Of Debt Overview
  • Work And Earning
  • What Makes A Great Counselor?
  • Credit Card Usage And The Financial Recovery Coaching Methodology

Phase 3

This phase is all about working with clients including how to conduct a prospect call and over the shoulder videos of Karen working with clients

  • The Client Process
  • The First Contact
  • The First Appointment
  • Client Profiles
  • Creating a Client's Spending Plan
  • Using MoneyMinderOnline with clients
  • Working With Couples
  • Working with Small Businesses and the Business MoneyMinderOnline System
  • Working with Families


Phase 4

Setting Up and Marketing Your Business

During this phase you’ll learn and get access to, everything you need to put a firm foundation under your work to grow a successful business

  • Setting Up and Marketing Your Business
  • How To Set and Raise Your Fees
  • A Vision For You And Your Client
  • Marketing. The marketing section includes presentations you can customize to fit your personal business and target market.
  • Forms, images, articles and ebooks to round out everything you need to be a money coach.

To say the training with Karen McCall is the best investment I’ve ever made is an understatement. The process she created is phenomenal, both in how it teaches people to take control of their finances, and how it gets to the root of deep-seated emotional blockages around money.… I’ve been successfully self-employed, making great money for over 20 years now - and my clients’ lives have truly changed as a result of the powerful financial recoverySMprocess.”

- Mikelann Valterra, Founder, The Women’s Earning Institute 

Who Money Coach Training is Perfect For

Learning to help transform people’s relationship with money is an excellent business for business coaches, therapists, financial planners or counselors.

You already have the skills to actively listen to your clients, you know how to guide them to solutions based on where they are and where they want to go, and you understand that mindset and beliefs are critical pieces of successful plan in any area of life.

Even if you are not in one of those categories but you have a desire to help others then becoming a money coach can put an end to your search for the right vehicle to do that.

Once done with the easy to follow, virtual training you will be able to:

  • Add money coaching to an existing business
  • Start that part time or full time business you’ve been dreaming of
  • Host classes for small business owners, young adults, or anyone who needs to get their money house in order

Each of these can significantly boost your bottom line!

I don’t say this to brag...
But I’ve trained MANY (to say the least) coaches and counselors over the years and some of the world-famous financial "gurus" have used my work with their clients.

It’s safe to say I know a thing or two about how people learn and what they need to succeed.


“If it wasn’t for Karen, would I be doing what I’m doing now?”

"Karen McCall is THE pioneer in the field of overspending, underearning, and chronic debting... and my long-time mentor. She was one of many professionals I visited in those early desperate days of my own financial crisis. She was, however, the only one who told me I was an "underearner". Initially I balked at the accusation. But she broke through my denial, and I became her client... then her student. I often wonder, if it wasn’t for Karen, would I be doing what I’m doing now?"

~-Barbara Huson, The Leading Authority on Women and Wealth 

I also know, as I said earlier, that this training is not for everyone.

This is not for someone looking for a quick fix to their financial problems or looking for a money in a hurry kind of business.

It isn’t for someone who has no time to put in working through the material

It is also not for you if

  • You don’t desire to go deeper with your clients
  • You’re not concerned about making an impact
  • You’re not looking for referrals
  • You have no desire to understand the deeper emotional challenges that are facts of life for your clients

And maybe most important of all--it is not right for anyone who believes in “shelf help” This program was designed to walk you step-by-step from introduction to what money coaching is to getting that first client and beyond.

But you have to do the work to get there.



Plus you are backed by my 60-day World Class Try It On and Test It Out money-back guarantee. 

See here for return policy details.

Because I know what it’s like to worry you’ll make the right decision…

And you might have done other trainings that were, well, meh..

Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put WCMC training into action and see for yourself just how easy and exciting it can actually be to coach others through their money problems while making good money yourself.

That’s why I’m throwing out the 30-day same old same old and instead giving you a full 2 MONTHS to go through the training, do the work as Karen directs, implement the systems, and start your money coaching business.

Here’s why you need to get inside the World Class Money Coach Training today

If you miss this opportunity to get started you will not only have to wait 6 months but you will pay more, a lot more.

But maybe the most important reason to get started now is….

You’ve heard the old saying, “The best time to plant a shade tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today.”

Wouldn’t you love to answer the question, “How your business?” with “I can’t believe how well I’m doing” rather than changing the subject to, well, anything but that?!!!

The sooner you enroll and begin to work through the modules the closer you are to client #1, and #2, and #20.

Take a look at where you are today. Are you earning what you really want to? Are you fully satisfied with the work you are doing, serving the many people who need you?

I don’t want you to look back on 2019 without a lucrative coaching practice wondering what could have been different if only you had….

Questions you might have before getting to Yes

Yes, in Phase 3 you’ll learn exactly how to set up a business, get leads, close sales, and retain clients. You will also get to watch Karen coaching clients, like a fly on the wall we so often wish we could be.

Each state has different requirements but in general the coaching industry is not one that requires licensing. There are areas of finance you will not be able to advise people in such as investing in the stock market. But you’ll have all the guidance you need in the course.

There are costs to starting any business but Financial Recovery does not have any hidden costs once you have invested in the price of the course.

You will want to purchase a subscription to the software, MoneyMinderOnline, which is the money management tool we use to counsel clients.

  • Personal Version- $9 per month or $97 per year
  • Business Version- $9 per month or $97 per year

All of the modules are available to you as soon as you make your investment and my email system can get you your login credentials, usually within minutes.

Yes! I’m happy to back my confidence in the program with my 60-day World Class Try It On and Test It Out money-back guarantee. I want my students to succeed so instead of the same old 30 days to see if this program will do what I say it will, watch the modules, follow along with the assignments, implement the systems, and hit start on your new business.

Here’s something you should know...

Other money coach trainings make you choose to work with individuals or businesses. With SCMC you’ll be trained to do both.

You have greater potential to build a solid business AND, there are more solo-preneurs than ever before.

Most have never learned the financial side of building a sustainable business plus, some will have bad personal money habits that they will unknowingly bring over into their businesses.

You can pull them out of trouble or get them started on a sound financial footing.

In case you’ve lost track, here’s all you’ll get when you grab your login details

Maybe the most important thing you’ll get is Karen, taking you by the hand and walking you through every bit of information you need to understand and put into practice what it takes to work with people--and businesses--on their money habits.

Not only that but all new students will be given a personal, money relationship reading by Karen. You’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire that Karen uses with her private clients to assess the health of your relationship with money.

She will “read” your strengths and places where you could use a little shoring up in your own money relationship by video delivered straight to your inbox.

You will also have

  • unlimited, lifetime access to the 26 videos, plus bonus videos, and written lessons to take you from newbie to confidently coaching clients.
  • 6-months of live, monthly calls with Karen for Q & A and help with your journey to success
  • Kindle copy of her book, Financial Recovery, developing a healthy relationship with money

By learning and mastering the skills taught in this course you will be able to: 

  • help people identify, understand, and change the attitudes and beliefs that created their patterns of financial distress--whether it’s brand new or has plagued your client for a lifetime!

You will understand

  • “money mindfulness” and how it can work for them. (And for you)

You’ll be able to

  • teach them how to save their way out of debt without living in a state of deprivation.

No Matter Where You Live, You Can Train to Become Money Coach
Our training program is designed for distance learning, so no matter where you’re located or what your daily responsibilities may be, you can train for your new business, even as you continue your current work.

By now you already know that this is life changing work, that it provides you a way to earn good money doing something that satisfies that desire to help others, and that your guide is a pioneer in the business of money coaching whose work has stood the test of time. (30 years and counting!)

What I didn’t say earlier is that this business is recession proof and inflation proof. As long as there money is used for pretty much everything--and I don’t care if it’s bitcoin, dollars, or rupies--there will always be a need for people just like you with the knowlege and skills to help people who don’t.

Seeing as you’re still here...let’s wrap it up with a little truth:
75% of the perfect candidates to become successful money coaches will read this page, bookmark it and read it again, and again, and then forget about it until the enrollment period closes.

Soon after convincing themselves “I’m good, I’ll just keep looking”
Can you say “rationalize?”

Here are 3 ways that indecision and inaction will hurt them...

They’ll continue to look around for the “right opportunity,” one that promises quick returns on little investment while secretly knowing those don’t exist.

They’ll get discouraged when they realize that their current, throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks marketing plan is producing too few leads and no money to throw at Facebook ads (in a desperate attempt to change that.)

3, 6, or even 12 months from now they’ll be right where they started when they first landed on this page rather than using their gifts and skills to help people who need exactly what they could have learned and be making consistent revenue.

All of this costs money in lost time but what’s the cost to their self-esteem?

This breaks my heart but I know I’m not here to save the world, just make it a little bit better for as many as possible.

One of the ways I can do that is by offering the BEST, most comprehensive, time tested and proven training to others to continue the work that has already helped thousands of individuals, families, and businesses.

If you don’t have another 3, 6 or 12 months to start or uplevel your business and you’ve heard something on this page that says “Yes, that’s the work I am called to do” then honor that and get started right now.

Before I go, and this might seem obvious but just in case, with my 60-day World Class Money Back Guarantee the only thing you risk right now is:

  • Putting off the opportunity to start a world class coaching business, one that is recession proof and inflation proof.
  • One that will be with you for as long as you want to do it and go with you wherever you go.
  • A business that allows you to make your own hours and set your own income. You can’t do that with a J.O.B.!

So if you are ready to wake up tomorrow and start...

  • Building the foundation for a successful business helping others build a better future financially
  • Master money coaching with heart, not shame based, where life can still be enjoyed while you move your clients through whatever got them to hiring you
  • Work your way through the training with ease following the path Karen has paved for you that will take you from newbie to clients with confidence

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