Healing Deprivation: The Key to Creating a Lifestyle Filled with Meaning, Satisfaction, and Abundance FREE Ebook

This FREE eBook is going to help you transform your relationship with money while giving you a greater understanding of “the hum that runs you” when it comes to your finances.

Healing DeprivationYou will learn:

  • The key to understanding your true needs and wants.
  • How you can clear the way for your deepest desires.
  • Why overdoing in your life and finances is not giving you satisfaction.
  • The three signs of deprivation.
  • How your deepest needs cannot be met by spending money.

contact-karen-mccallAbout Karen McCall

Karen McCall revolutionized the financial counseling industry with her highly-acclaimed Financial Recovery process, which liberates people from the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that keep them stuck in a self-defeating relationship with money. She is the founder of the Financial Recovery Institute and spreads her passion for her work by training counselors and money coaches to build their own successful practices. Karen works with small business owners to grow and build their businesses. She is also the creator of the MoneyMinder system, which helps people track and manage their personal and small business finances. She is an internationally-recognized financial expert and author of several books, including FINANCIAL RECOVERY: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money (New World Library).