The Key to Creating a Life Filled with Meaning, Satisfaction and Abundance.

The most persistent money problems have nothing to do with how smart we are and often have little to do with how hard we work. Our most destructive money behaviors come from something much deeper.

During this FREE webinar, Financial Recovery founder, Karen McCall, will explore that deeper, important aspect, one that causes a lot of shame for some people: deprivation…. which is addressed in the Financial Recovery process.

You will learn:

  • The key to understanding your true needs and wants.
  • How you can clear the way for your deepest desires.
  • Why overdoing in your life and finances is not giving you satisfaction.
  • How to overcome shame when it comes to your finances.
  • The three signs of deprivation.
  • How your deepest needs cannot be met by spending money.

Recognizing deprivation in all its forms, as well as sorting needs and wants, are life-long skills. By beginning to heal our deprivation, and learning to identify and meet our deepest needs, we replace the destructive forces that drive our money behaviors.

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contact-karen-mccallAbout Karen McCall

Karen McCall has revolutionized the financial counseling industry by teaching people how to break free of the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that keep them stuck in a self-defeating relationship with money. As the founder of the Financial Recovery Institute, she has trained hundreds of health care professionals and entrepreneurs to build a lucrative and rewarding career by helping people transform their relationship with money.