business that feeds your soul and pocketbook

The day you leapt into entrepreneurship, you knew there would be real risks and rewards awaiting you.

And like most entrepreneurs, it probably didn’t take long for you to experience the thrills and challenges—the highs and lows—that come with being your own boss.

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You were ready to step up for the obvious tasks: finding clients, bringing in enough income, managing your time, and putting yourself out there.

But then there’s the part no one warns you about…

Being in charge of your own income brings you face-to-face with your unique relationship with earning, and your deep feelings about money.

Anytime you set your rate, discuss your fees, spend your income on a business expense, land or lose a client, you are relating to money, and feeling something from that experience.

In fact, if you identified your current “business” challenges, you’d very likely find that they stem from your deep feelings about money.

Just think…

  • Are you stressed out, unable to take a paid vacation, with no way to pay yourself even if you get sick?
  • Are you running up your business credit card debt, unsure of when you’ll be able to pay it off?
  • Do you feel like you go above and beyond for clients, but aren’t getting paid for the full value you provide?
  • Are you tired of the feast-or-famine cycle, and starting to wonder if you can really make your business work?

Too many entrepreneurs focus on the financial aspect of business, and ignore the rest. But the truth is…

If you want a business that feeds your soul and pocketbook, you must attend to money at a practical, emotional, and spiritual level.


My name is Karen McCall. I’m an author and speaker, and the founder of The Financial Recovery Institute.

Some refer to me as the pioneer of the financial recovery movement. And indeed, I’ve been helping men and women build healthy, thriving financial lives for almost three decades.

Since 1989, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build thriving businesses by transforming their relationship with money.

But years ago, my life was quite a different story…

Before my own entrepreneurial journey began, I was trying to find my way in traditional 9-to-5 jobs.

I grew up in a home where getting a college education was not the norm. I received two pieces of career advice. First was from my father, who told me that I should be a telephone operator because “they can always get a job”. And second was from my aunt, who made a subtle suggestion by leaving a flyer on my dresser, that I attend a dental assistant trade school.

I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and from the age of 12 worked as a babysitter and cleaned houses to earn my own money. Right out of high school as a young mother I even sold Avon beauty products. But I eventually followed my aunt’s advice, and went to work in a dental practice.

Though I practically ran the office for 15 years and absolutely loved it, I worked for a very low wage with zero benefits. (Back then, it never even occurred to me that I deserved more.)

But despite loving the job, I knew it was not my deep calling…

It turns out, I’d have to fall pretty hard before I found my way…

I looked for answers in books, and found plenty of financial advice, but there was nothing on the shelves that addressed the root causes of my money problems.

Fast forward to the 1980s… I was living in San Francisco, enjoying a decade-long sales career at a tech firm. I looked every bit the part of a successful, self-made woman.

I had the prestigious address, the designer wardrobe, the late model sports car, and a corner office in a landmark skyscraper in San Francisco’s financial district.

But despite all the material items I had amassed, I felt empty. Though I was doing well at work, I wasn’t passionate about tech. I was single, and longing to be in a loving, secure relationship.

And, I was in a financial mess.

I was living paycheck to paycheck. I was behind in my rent and car payments. Bill collectors were hounding me. I was racking up credit card debt at an exorbitant rate.

I was caught in a vicious cycle of feeling empty, then overspending to fill the void, and repeating the cycle over and over again.

Like so many others, I had been living in what I call “a money coma” — utterly unconscious of my relationship to money — and that relationship was exactly what I needed to understand. And change.

Because my financial situation was so dire, and I was tired of hiding this dirty little secret, I began seeking guidance to find my way out of the fog.

Financial planners and accountants knew a lot about saving, spending and investing, but not about the self-defeating money patterns that were ruining my life.

I went to therapy, which helped me process my pain, shame, fear and sense of deprivation. But it didn’t give me concrete tools to help me handle money in the real world.

And then I had a realization that finally enabled me to build a new and healthy financial life for myself…

Money is charged with emotional, practical, and spiritual meaning—and you must attend to all three if you want to transform your financial life.

Through this phase of self-study and counseling, I began to see financial growth and stability in my life. For the first time in years, I felt more confident and at peace. I had the emotional and practical elements in place.

But the spiritual piece continued to nag me…

I still felt like my purpose on earth was not being fulfilled.

This is when I began to explore what my ideal life might look like. I wanted to feel more connected to my deeper purpose.

And I couldn’t shake the vision that I could help others come out of their own financial fog and step into the light, just as I had done for myself.

Through my own career exploration, I began to piece together my values, my skills, and my vision. I knew that if I could transform my own financial life by combining awareness of my relationship with money AND applying practical tools, others would benefit from this unique method as well.

Soon after, my very own financial recovery counseling practice was born.

And though I was willing to work odd jobs until I could get my practice up and running, the truth is, I never had to.

Within the first few months of opening the doors, I was earning a real living right away, helping clients one-on-one.

Because I had already taken the steps to transform my own finances, I was fully aware of where my business money was going and coming at all times.

I understand how money issues can derail the success of even the most dedicated, driven entrepreneur.

And, I truly believe that until you address your own money issues, it will be difficult to run a successful, profitable business.


“… if it wasn’t for Karen, would I be doing what I’m doing now?”

“Karen McCall is THE pioneer in the field of overspending, underearning, and chronic debting… and my long-time mentor.

She was one of many professionals I visited in those early desperate days of my own financial crisis. She was, however, the only one who told me I was an “underearner”. Initially I balked at the accusation.

But she broke through my denial, and I became her client… then her student. I often wonder, if it wasn’t for Karen, would I be doing what I’m doing now?”

-Barbara Stanny, The Leading Authority on Women and Wealth,

Many of the clients who come through my doors are struggling entrepreneurs. They are ambitious, bright, and frustrated–hungry to experience success and make their dreams come true.

They are overworking, running up business debt, overwhelmed by the financials–all the things you may be struggling with today.

I work with them by applying my Financial RecoverySM process to their unique challenges as entrepreneurs.

With my step-by-step guidance, I witness business owners at all levels transform self-defeating earning behaviors from the inside out.

What if I told you that just 6 months from now, you’d feel excited about your business, confident about your cash flow, and finally be on an upward financial spiral—all on your own terms…

I’ve put together a powerful 6-month program, designed to fundamentally change your relationship with money, and the way you run your business.


How to have a business that feeds your soul and your pocketbook

It’s a step-by-step curriculum where I’ll personally guide you through powerful lessons and easy financial tools so you can make clear, empowered financial decisions that grow your business—and your skills as an entrepreneur.

When you take this journey, rich new possibilities will emerge…

  • You’ll be in tune with your true entrepreneurial vision and have a real picture of what you value, and what you must have in your life.
  • You’ll have more “feel good” resources in your business–clients, team members, experiences, mentors, clothes, equipment—whatever nourishes you on a personal and professional level.
  • You’ll shed feelings of overwhelm around your business credit card debt, revenues and losses, as you truly own the financial future of your business.
  • You’ll have more money to spend on what you really need to expand your business.
  • You’ll face your business debt in a responsible, sensible way, seeing the big picture, and sticking to a solid, realistic plan to make the debt work for you.
  • You’ll begin to resolve and understand your feelings of shame and deprivation—where they come from, and how to let them go, so you can move forward in your life and business.

You’re invited to let yourself grow as a business owner, let yourself transform, and let YOUR success blossom.

This program brings you the perfect balance.

You’ll uncover your fundamental relationship with money, and while the “a-has” and emotional shifts are happening, you’ll begin using simple, practical financial tools to pull you out of your financial fog.

Here’s what you get when you join


A 90-Minute Training Call 2X per Month

That’s 24 weeks with me personally guiding you through my proven method. You’ll feel like we’re working 1:1 as we dig into your unique relationship with money, getting your spending plan and the other practical pieces in place, so your business can soar.


Live Q&A After Every Session

You’ll be so inspired and excited after each session that I’ll open the floor for questions and any revelations you may be experiencing. This is where the group format can be invaluable, as you hear how money is impacting your peers, and as I share smart insights and on-the-fly strategies.


Eye-Opening Discovery Exercises & Worksheets

You’ll get access to exercises I use in my private practice that easily bring your unique money patterns, behaviors and desires to light. My clients love to revisit these as their financial lives evolve and their goals expand, because the insights are always surprising.


My Signature Financial Tools & Trackers

Money is real, tangible, and urgent, and I give you the practical tools you need to get your business finances in order asap. Half the program will be dedicated to spending plans, financial goals, getting out of debt, and cash flow—you’ll have clear systems that are so easy-to-follow, you may start to see this piece as FUN for the first time in your life.


24-7 Access to the Private Facebook Group

Having the support of like-minded people can be instrumental to your success. That’s why outside of my guided trainings and live Q & A sessions, you’ll be able to ask questions, share successes and challenges with your fellow course participants. The Private Facebook Group will be alive and thriving 24-7, so no matter what part of the world you live in, you’ll be able to tap in and stay connected, and receive guidance when you need it.

I know you’re an intelligent person. And I’ll be very honest with you up front…

Your deeply embedded money patterns won’t change overnight. That’s why the program gives you plenty of time to learn, absorb new insights, and then put your new money behaviors into practice. I’ve seen this work help people of all income levels, so stay the course, and believe in what’s possible…

Here’s What’s In Store With the 24-Week Course Curriculum


Introduction & Orientation

To kick off the course, you’ll get deeply connected with your purpose and mission–the reason you started your business in the first place. What were your dreams and goals? What did your ideal day look like? What was it that excited you about your business? Through visualization, discovery, and reflection, you’ll uncover the hidden gems that inspire you, move you forward, and bring you joy. This is what will feed your soul, and lay the foundation for a thriving, profitable business.

Session 1: Is Your Work Working For You?

In this orientation session, you’ll:
  • Revive your ideal business vision–your ideal work day, your business model, your team structure, your revenues, so you can feel the fire in your belly again and get excited to pursue your big dreams.
  • Get clear onhow much you need to earnto live the lifestyle that feels rich to you. (Everyone has a highly individualistic picture of what a good life means to them.. You’ll get clear and be able to see how your business can fuel your ideal way of life.)
  • Find out how to protect your vision from naysayers so you can let it incubate and grow, and what to look for in people and communities who will be cheerleaders for your success.
  • Discover, through MONEY MEDITATION, your “earning ceiling”—this is the dollar amount that represents where you are stuck right now. (If you have hit a plateau in your business, get ready for a big breakthrough!)


Taking Inventory–Your Business “Needs & Wants”

Many business owners have a difficult time nurturing themselves as entrepreneurs.

Are you comfortable investing in people, resources, and help, so you can be happier and more productive? Or do you tend to deprive yourself of resources you need? Here, we’ll put pen to paper and make a needs and wants list for your business. I’ll show you how to do a detailed inventory of every category of your business, so you can understand what you need to improve your results, and your day-to-day life.

When you see your business from this new angle, it will become easier to nurture yourself when it comes to how you spend your time, energy, and money.

Sessions 2 & 3: Your Business “Needs & Wants” (Taking Inventory)

In addition to taking a full inventory of your business, we’ll end each session with an interactive discussion so you can soak in the teachings, share breakthroughs, and fully experience your “a-has” as a group.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll dive into:
  • Your skills and level of expertise. (Are there specific skills you could add to your repertoire, or do you need to brush-up on the latest developments in your field? Filling in these gaps could be a quick way to command higher fees.)
  • Your supplies and tools. (Do you need software, hardware, and other equipment to do your best work? Getting the right equipment could save you time and money in the long run. You’ll start to understand how these aspects of your business all relate to your needs and wants.)
  • Your current support structure. Have you considered hiring an assistant? A bookkeeper? Is there someone you could hire right away to help you be more productive and effective? (You’ll explore your feelings around getting support, and start to see how you may be depriving yourself of much-needed help.)
  • Your time inventory. How do you spend your days? Are you working on the most impactful things on a daily basis, or chipping away at none? You’ll get clear on where your time is going right now so you can see what needs to change, and why your time is so valuable.
  • You’ll be introduced to the powerful Money Minder online tool, which will help you get your arms around the full financial picture of your business.
  • You’ll start creating your work history autobiography so you can explore your unique work and earning patterns over the course of your life. (This MONEY MEDITATION exercise always proves valuable. It’s a very illuminating view of your recurring money patterns, and is a great segue way into the next phase of the course.)


Understanding Your Business Financials

In this phase, you will take the first step out of your financial fog by becoming aware of your current business financials. Many people walk into this process with dread and hesitation, but instead, they find instant relief knowing the truth. It can be immensely empowering to look at your financials, and instead of feeling confused, feel crystal clear on what the numbers mean and how they all work together to keep your business (and lifestyle) thriving. This is a pivotal phase of the course, and we’ll take our time with it.

Session 3, 4 & 5: Understanding Your Business Financials

We’ll roll up our sleeves and dig into your numbers so you can get the full story of where your business stands. You’ll:
  • Discover my track, record and plan system so you are quickly connected to all the money coming in, and going out of your business at all times.
  • Say goodbye to “rear-view mirror” accounting for good, because you’ll be tracking your money in real time. (Your bookkeeper and accountant will LOVE you for this!).
  • See how the numbers work together to create a full picture of where your business stands. In a way, this is like the GPS of your business—you know where you’re heading, and what steps will get you where you want to go.
  • Be able to quickly gauge what new initiatives are working, (boosting your bottom line), and which ones are costing you, so you can course-correct as needed.


Your Monthly & Annual Spending & Earning Plan (Forecasting)

Here’s where you will shift from awareness and comfort around your current business financials to realizing your financial dreams through concrete action. With a monthly and annual spending plan, you will start to see positive changes and more money emerge in your life in very real, noticeable ways.

This is an 8-step approach that has yielded consistent, powerful results for business owners at all levels. You’ll gain confidence and clarity about where to invest in your business.

Session 6, 7 & 8: Your Spending & Earning Plan (Forecasting)

By the end of these two lessons, you will:
  • Fundamentally shift the way you feel about spending so it’s not a judgmental space of shoulds and shouldn’ts but instead, a space to be honest about what your business needs in order to get to the next level.
  • Design a custom spending plan each month. (You’ll get clear on every category where you spend on your business, including taxes, insurance, home office expenses, transportation expenses, payroll, and more.)
  • Get proactive, instead of reactive, with your business expenses, so you are always able to cover your recurring expenses, periodic expenses, and any unexpected expenses that may pop up.
  • Plan for bigger goals with an annual spending plan so you can ramp up for growth and hire new team members, start a new business, rent that dream office space, and more.
  • Create your “needs and wants” list—an exercise that will serve you well for the rest of your entrepreneurial life. You’ll never look at a business purchase the same way again–you’ll love this!
  • Evaluate your pricing to see if it is profitable. (I’ll show you how to factor in all the important considerations, overhead, taxes, health insurance, etc. so you can start charging what you need.)
  • Learn how to plan ahead and save for tax seasons so it’s no longer a nuisance, but rather an expected business expenditure that you are prepared for.
  • Discover how to allocate a “me” fund so you can give yourself a paid vacation, personal days, and sick days. (You will LOVE this tip!)
  • Explore, through MONEY MEDITATION, your belief systems and old conditioning around the idea of earning money, spending money, and using money to care for yourself. (Earning is a reflection of self-care, and your business can be very revealing about your deep-seated attitudes around this topic.)


Breakthrough Approach to Debt and Savings

We’ll move into an emotional minefield for many business owners—and you may be surprised to know that you can feel empowered, whether you have business debt, or not.

I’ll offer strategies on how to get out of debt or avoid getting into debt in the first place. You won’t hear about “good” debt or “bad” debt in this course—I’ll give you my own professional take on this topic, and show you what’s truly important in order to take charge of this aspect of your financials

Session  9, 10 & 11: Business Debt and Savings

Here’s what you’ll discover:
  • Your relationship with debt and savings, and something that is pivotal to getting and staying out of debt.
  • How to handle surprise expenses that will inevitably pop up. Life “happens” and this is why the short-term solutions that most experts recommend don’t help you realistically navigate real world situations.
  • My 3-step process to save your way out of debt.
  • Specific strategies you can implement immediately that will help you uncover hidden money sources.
  • A special tool to help you feel more financially secure before you’ve eliminated your debt.


Bringing It All Together

Session 12: Closing Session + Q&A

The training will complete with a closing session, where we bring together the work you’ve done in the program and embrace the vision you’ve set for your business in 2017. You’ll have made the shifts towards becoming a financially empowered entrepreneur—on your way to making money and be what it truly should be: an exchange that helps you provide work you are passionate about so you can live a life and fulfill a purpose that satisfies you deeply.

We’ll close with a review of the course, and you’ll have time to ask questions and share revelations with your fellow program members. So many of you will have bonded by going through this process together.

By the end of this program, you will have a solid understanding of what your soul craves as an entrepreneur, and be better aligned with your three most precious currencies–time, energy, and money.

Here’s who will benefit the MOST from this course…

  • A budding entrepreneur in the early stages of business, who needs a crash course in money fundamentals.
  • A business owner with a few good systems in place—you’re ready to launch but things are a bit rocky. Taking a day off seems like a distant dream.
  • An established business owner with solid, consistent revenues, who never gets to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. You only have $200 in your account at the end of every month, and don’t know exactly where it’s all going.
  • You’re business is thriving, but you want to kick it up a notch or two, fix a few money leaks, plan ahead for a powerful year, and take some dream vacations.

How much is more energy, time and money worth to you?

Those who go through this process start to see big improvements in not just their business, but in all areas of their life…

For starters, let’s look at the recovered income this course will help you generate.

When you think of the thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars you will save by charging the fees you deserve, spending on resources that help you earn more money,and lowering your interest rates as you get out of debt, the cost of this program is one that will pay for itself.

You’ll also enjoy more free time.

When you have a choice on what you’d really like to do, your daily and weekly pace will start to feel better. Just think, what would you do with a few extra hours next week?

Improved relationships.

Most of my clients admit that money is a primary source of family and relationship conflict. When you do this work, defenses come down and anger dissolves to make room for a more honest connection with your partner, your clients, your team, and your loved ones.

And perhaps best of all, no more deprivation.

When you get in touch with what’s been missing for you, you’ll discover ways to meet those unmet needs—more time to do the work you love, pride in your business, and deeper relationships.

You’ll walk away with a clear vision of your business for 2017—aligned with your purpose, confident in your financials, and excited about what’s in store for you…

You are worth the investment it takes to step into this new business vision.

This is a live, 6-month program, where you’ll receive guidance from me in a structured, supportive environment. And, your investment in the program is less than $200 a month.

If you are ready to take this journey with me, now is the time to reserve your seat. Don’t delay — class starts October 11.

**BONUS #1: Business-Booster Marketing Master Class**

With Digital Strategist & Designer Rachel C. Vane

By the end of the 6-month program, you’ll have financial tools in place so you can make real, “adult” decisions about where to invest your time and money to grow your business. And one of the most high-value investments you can make is with smart marketing. That’s why I’m bringing in one of my own marketing experts, Rachel Vane, to host a BONUS Master Class on this topic.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Online Marketing 101 – An introduction to email and social media marketing, and why list-building is crucial to building a business online.
  • Branding Essentials – Why positioning is more important than visuals, and how to build trust with your messaging.
  • Identify your unique marketing style– What is your communication style? (When you are in tune with yourself, it comes through in our words and strategy, and you attract the right people to your business.)
  • Is Your Website Working?– How to capture more and better qualified leads from your website. (Hint: it’s NOT about SEO.)


Rachel C Vane aka RC Vane has been working with mostly solopreneurs for more than 6 years. She is a web designer who specializes in online marketing strategy. Clients include: Nancy Medina Art, Lisa Tener and Vicki Tidwell Palmer.

**BONUS #2: FREE 60-Minutes of Private Coaching With Karen**

A FREE 60-Minutes of 1:1 Financial Discovery Session with Karen McCall

Register before class starts and you’ll receive 60 minutes of coaching with me, Karen McCall, to help you get clear on your unique money challenges. You decide whether you’d like to do a 2-hour intensive, or you can break up the session into 2 separate sessions. We’ll pick an area where you’d like to focus: your work, your debt, your spending, and I’ll help you break through as we dig deep and uncover insights and action steps that will work for you. This special bonus is valued at $400—but it’s my gift to you.

As soon as you save your spot for the program, we’ll schedule your first session with you on a first-come, first-served basis.

Let me help you design a financial life that serves YOUR entrepreneurial journey. What you gain with this process will truly serve you for a lifetime.

Pay in Full – $997 (Best Value!)

Or make 6 Payments – $187/mo

Click to Register Now

10dayBecause I want to make sure you feel great about the program and your peace-of-mind is truly important to me, I’m going to make this decision completely risk-free for you. If you try the course and decide it’s not for you by October 21, I’ll give you a full refund. All requests must be received by October 21. Just let my team know, and we’ll promptly give back your money, without any hassle. That’s my promise to you.

Get ready to experience the power, joy, and possibilities of a new business with money!


P.S. This is the first time I’ve put my method together in an accessible course just for entrepreneurs. Best of all, we’ll be working together for 6 months, so you’ll have the time to take in all the “ahas” and undergo real positive transformations as we work through and reinvent your unique money relationship. Remember this course is LIVE, and there is a deadline to register. Make sure you reserve your seat. Class starts October 11. I can’t wait to dive in and work with you!