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How to Create a Career You Love: My Simple Secret

Sometimes, the simplest things can be the most powerful. And life-changing. Back in 1987, I had what most people would consider a good corporate job. Every day, I’d get dressed in an elegant suit, grab my Italian leather briefcase, hop into my silver Nissan 280ZX sports coupe, and head to 101 California Street in San Francisco’s Financial district. From the outside, my life looked terrific. But it felt terrible. My work was literally making me sick. I suffered from horrible stomachaches, and I was incredibly depressed… and desperate. Desperate to find a new career. A friend of mine who was working on his Masters in Career Counseling suggested that I spend 10 minutes, twice a day, doing a simple visualization. I only did it once a day, but I did it faithfully. I began by closing my eyes and imaging my ideal day. I s...Continue Reading

Case Study – Trust and Responsibility

Many people did not learn to trust themselves or to grow through taking responsibility. Ann, for example, was never allowed to cross the street by herself until she was thirteen. Her mother told her friend, Valerie, “Be sure to watch Ann when you go downtown. Don’t you girls cross the street until the light turns green.” Even as a grown mother of two children herself, Ann has a deep dread about moving out of the “secure” position she has as a receptionist in a tiny mail-order business in a warehouse district. A typical under-earner, Ann was never allowed to make decisions about her life until she left home to go to college. She fears obtaining a more challenging job situation because she has an inner dread of taking risks and leaving her protective cocoon, repeatedly finding situations that continue her under-earning pattern....Continue Reading

Case Study: No Magic Measurement

I once counseled a woman named Leslie who told me a story about envy. Leslie’s family was comfortably middle class. Her parents were both professors at the university in town, and they earned a good income doing work they loved. Leslie and her brother and sister enjoyed a wide range of pleasures, such as ski vacations in the local mountains. When she was in fifth grade, Leslie befriended a girl named Sharon, who was from a much wealthier family. Sharon lived in an enormous and opulent home which had a tennis court, an avocado orchard, and a pool. They even had a personal chef. If the friend took a ski vacation, it was to Switzerland. But her parents were rarely home and in their place was a nanny. Leslie left that day feeling envious of her friend’s home and her lifestyle. It began to eat at her. She started making comments ...Continue Reading

New Year, New Career

Have you ever gone on an exciting vacation to some place new, a place you’ve always wanted to go, only to long for home once you got there? That’s a little of what I’m feeling. While launching the new MoneyMinderOnline software has been a dream come true and an exciting, wild ride, I simply cannot wait to “come home” to the work I love the best: teaching people how to have their own lucrative and rewarding career as a certified Financial Recovery Counselor. So, with great pleasure, I announce that I am currently interviewing people who want to be included in this upcoming Financial Recovery training and be personally mentored by me in how to become a successful money coach.  If you know someone who is ready for a new career they love, or someone who wants to create more meaning and financial prosperity in their l...Continue Reading

A Video for the New Year

The New Year is an ideal time to evaluate what we need and value at a deep level, and reflect on how those needs and values are met or expressed through our relationship with money. In other words, how can you best take care of yourself this year by making choices that fill you up rather than leave you feeling empty or deprived? With that in mind, I’d like to share a short video produced by CMN.TV in which I speak briefly about how, by acknowledging the emptiness or sense of deprivation we may feel, we can make conscious, healing choices that allow us to not only restore our financial well-being but discover how to “fill-up” that inner emptiness. Once you’ve had a chance to watch the video, I’d love to hear how this message resonated with you. Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. ...Continue Reading