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My friend and professional associate, David Krueger, MD, offers some great advice!

My friend and professional associate, David Krueger, MD, offers some great advice for how to spend less by outsmarting your brain in his book The Secret Language of Money. Here are a couple of David’s suggestions: Don’t be special. Special offers or other indications that you are in a select group — an inner circle of consideration— will make you buy more than you need. Special, exclusive, unique offers induce a desire to respond with gratitude and with purchase. Be suspicious of special offers. Shop alone. The social contagion of shopping with friends induces a relaxation of usual constraints, as well as the desire to impress friends with purchase. Consider the actual product and what you will do with it if purchased. Disregard the brand, the esteem of ownership, and how you will be perceived as its owner. Marketing produce...Continue Reading

My Next Financial Recovery Training is Scheduled to Begin on June 3. Apply Now! Just Four Openings Left!

My next Financial Recovery Counselor training is scheduled for June 3rd. The training will last for 12 months and is conducted via webinairs and one-on-one mentoring by an experienced Financial Recovery Counselor. My training is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to be trained to pursue a lucrative new full or part time career as a money coach, which is a growing field. It's also a great way to gain new skills and information to help your clients if you are already working as a coach, consultant, therapist or financial advisor. If you are accepted into my program, you can begin the mentoring phase of the training immediately and you begin earning income as a counselor once you've completed the first phase of the training. To learn more, visit https://financialrecovery.com/training.html, or call 707-793-7950....Continue Reading

I'll Be Speaking at the Detours&OnRamps Forum Near Boston on May 4th

On May 4th, I'll be talking about How to Take the Onramp to Financial Success at the Detours&OnRamps Forum, a one-day event focused on work/life balance, restarting a career, or making a career work for your family. With many outstanding speakers, practical breakout sessions, and great opportunities for networking, it's an excellent opportunity for anyone you may know who is looking to make a career change. For a complete event agenda and registration information, go to www.onrampsforum.com.  When you register, you'll get $25 off the $125 registration fee (which covers sessions, meals, and a great "Goody Bag" of books, magazines, discounts, and more) if you mention GROUP. Simply enter "GROUP" on the registration page where it asks "Where did you hear about us?" and you'll get a $25 credit within a day of registration. If...Continue Reading