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My Top Ten Holiday Wishes for YOU!

It’s that time of year! The holidays are coming. We all know it can be a stressful time of year. And the pressure to buy gifts and spend money on holiday activities can push our stress higher. But it doesn’t have to be like that! What would it be like to enjoy the holidays and not suffer from the post-holiday spending hangover? Dear Family and Friends – This season, these are my Holiday Wishes for you: 1. That you may celebrate the real spirit of these holidays; 2. That you may remember that the very best things come in no package at all; 3. That you may spend more time on friends – and less on shopping; 4. That you may increase the value of your presence instead of your presents; 5. That you may be especially grateful for gifts of love, kindness and friendship; 6. That you may return those gifts in greater measure than you rece...Continue Reading

My friend and professional associate, David Krueger, MD, offers some great advice!

My friend and professional associate, David Krueger, MD, offers some great advice for how to spend less by outsmarting your brain in his book The Secret Language of Money. Here are a couple of David’s suggestions: Don’t be special. Special offers or other indications that you are in a select group — an inner circle of consideration— will make you buy more than you need. Special, exclusive, unique offers induce a desire to respond with gratitude and with purchase. Be suspicious of special offers. Shop alone. The social contagion of shopping with friends induces a relaxation of usual constraints, as well as the desire to impress friends with purchase. Consider the actual product and what you will do with it if purchased. Disregard the brand, the esteem of ownership, and how you will be perceived as its owner. Marketing produce...Continue Reading