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Book Signing at East West Bookstore

*Free, but call to reserve a seat Financial Recovery is about developing a healthy relationship with money that is both healing and sustainable. This program simultaneously addresses your deepest emotional needs and your money behaviors, because both of these must work together. Karen McCall, founder of the Financial Recovery Institute and author of Financial Recovery: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money, will share simple steps that become powerful tools you can use to create the financial life you want. Karen's new book: "FINANCIAL RECOVERY: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money"...Continue Reading

Financial Recovery Counselor/Money Coach Training Begins!

Financial Recovery Core Competency Training (76 Training Hours) For those pursuing Financial RecoverySM Counselor Certification* In this 76-hour training, you will become proficient in the skills, processes and methods and compassionate approach you need to become a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor. You will learn the nuances of working with different types of clients, hone your counseling skills and participate in group supervision so you will have the real-life experience of coaching clients under the guidance of our faculty and the support of your peers. *Please note: The prerequisite for this Core Competency Training is the Financial Recovery Foundational Training, which is the four TeleClasses. See all of our Course Descriptions...Continue Reading

FREE TeleClass: Understanding The Money-Life Drain

Free One-Hour TeleClass So many people these days are completely overwhelmed and depleted by the financial stress in their lives. They feel pressured to earn more money, to save more, to get more, and yet they never seem to have enough, no matter what they do. Caught in downward spiral that drains their time, energy and money, some people lose all hope… and even their will to live. In this one-hour teleclass, you will gain the understanding, insight and tools to: Escape the vicious cycle that keeps people trapped in financial stress, anxiety and fear. Understand how people get stuck in the same old money troubles over and over again. Identify the various levels of the "money-life" drain. Honor your deepest needs, wants and desires as you heal your relationship with money. Implement the essential, fail-safe steps to get out of the...Continue Reading