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My book is born! FINANCIAL RECOVERY- Developing a healthy relationship with money

Last week I stood in front of a large audience who had come to hear me speak at the Book Passage in Corte Madera, California. It was like a dream come true. For years I had come here to my favorite bookstore, often to hear authors, and my dream was to one day be one of those at the front of the room who shared  their vision, their passion, and their book. Well, I did it. My book, FINANCIAL RECOVERY - Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money, has at long last been published, by New World Library. It is like birthing a child and now I want to proudly show my “baby “off to the entire world!  This book, while not my first book, is my favorite. In its pages I tell my own story of achieving Financial Recovery and I tell you how you can too. I delved deep within myself to share my very personal story in these pages, because I know tha...Continue Reading