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Are You Caught in a Disastrous Financial Pattern?

Anyone can have a bad romance, and even solid, healthy relationships have their rocky moments. But when someone has a long string of disastrous romances, it becomes obvious that the situation is attributable not to a particular choice but to a pattern of choices. The same is true in our relationship with money. Anyone can have a situational financial problem due to extenuating circumstances—a job loss, a failed business, a medical condition. But when money issues crop up over and over, or when the same financial predicament only grows more and more destructive, an unhealthy pattern of behavior with money exists; our financial challenges are not merely situational but reflect an ongoing pattern in our relationship with money. Many major aspects of our lives have an element of recurrence. We tend to have the same old arguments over and ...Continue Reading

What kind of relationship to money do you have– is it like a car, or Santa Claus?

The subtitle of my book is “Developing a healthy relationship to money.” Relationship with money?? Many people think, “I can’t have a relationship with money. It’s just there. Money is just a thing,” or, “I don’t even want to think about money, much less have a relationship with it!” For many of us, our relationship with money is similar to the one we have with our car: we don’t really want to understand what’s going on under the hood; we just want it to work and take us where we want to go without any trouble. And hey, we’re realistic. We know the car needs gas. We realize we have to put in a little fuel and care in the thing, but beyond that we don’t want to hassle with it. That’s our wish with money too. Others’ want money to be like Santa Claus, a benevolent force that ask nothing of us but still shows ...Continue Reading

The Money/Life Drain

Countless people are experiencing anxiety and worry about money. This may be coming from having an unstable financial structure in your life—a structure I call the Money/Life Drain. Are YOU caught in the money-life drain? Are you experiencing a sense of increasing pressure and escalating emotions around money? And if your relationship to money is problematic, are you feeling enormous pressure to make more money or to spend less? I want to share with you the layers of the Money/Life Drain, to help you see where you are. The Money/Life drain describes a financial structure born of unhealthy money behaviors and circumstances. The force of the Money/Life Drain, with increasing pressure and narrowing options, draws us down to its bottom level. There, we feel trapped, caught in a repeated pattern of money behaviors and the consequences that...Continue Reading