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Money Moments – Enjoy a Stress-free Holiday Season

We all know that although the holidays are a joyful time, they can actually bring great stress in our lives. We often struggle to enjoy the season because of expectations and pressures we put upon ourselves. Many of us overspend, then greet January with an emotional and spending hangover. Take heart! My MoneyMinder® Holiday Planner can help you create a holiday season that is balanced and financially sane. Below, I’ll share a part of my powerful process. For years the holidays left me with an emotional and financial hangover. If you can relate, I’d like to share the process that turned this around for me. The first step to making this holiday season better than previous ones is to examine what worked and what didn’t work with previous seasons. Would you like to do that? It’s not always easy, but let’s give it a try. ...Continue Reading

Money Moments – The Joy of Thrift: A Mother & Daughter Shopping Story

I’m a little late in getting my Back-to-school shopping blog out. I still can’t get used to the fact that schools start in August and not after Labor Day like when I was in school (a few decades ago)! Even though I’m a little late, I think you will love this blog! Over lunch a few months ago with my cousin, Judy Gorchinski, and her daughter, Christina, the topic of money and school shopping came up. This was not unusual considering my profession, but as Christina shared how she and her daughter shop for back-to-school clothes in thrift shops, I was awe struck. As she described her experiences, I found it so interesting that it caused lots of bells and whistles to go off in my mind. On the one hand, I’ve always steered away from thrift shops, especially for clothes. I’d get super triggered at just the thought of shopping at...Continue Reading

Money Moments – How To Rise Above The Money Life Drain

money life drain If you’ve visited the beach this summer, you may have noticed that certain beaches have signs posted that warn swimmers of the risk of being pulled underwater. Though the ocean is always enticing to swim in, it’s forces can prove quite powerful, and even dangerous. A similar force is present when you have a problematic relationship with money. My clients have often described that in order to stay afloat, they feel an enormous pressure to make more money or to spend less. And they feel caught in a downward spiral. I’ve come to call this spiral the Money/Life Drain. Sometimes we’re pulled downward because of circumstances beyond our control, such as a loss of income or a downturn in the economy. Other times, the force is created by our own habits of spending or debting. However it starts, the force of the Money/Life Drain c...Continue Reading

Money Moments: Deprivation – The Invisible Force Behind Money Issues

In this short video, I am actually reading from my own book, FINANCIAL RECOVERY: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money. Obviously, I like what I wrote! Shame and deprivation often play into an unhealthy relationship to money. And in fact, if we don’t look at the effects of shame and deprivation, logical solutions to money problems won’t help us.  To truly help people heal their relationships with money, deprivation will usually need to be addressed. Deprivation means living in a state of emptiness and longing, of which we may not even be aware, but which nonetheless drives our choices. Deprivation is the wound that develops when our most essential needs - physical, emotional, social or spiritual – are not met, particularly when these needs are not met for a long time, and even more so when this happens to us early in ...Continue Reading

The Invisible Force in our Money Problems

The number one issue that I’ve seen over and over again during my 30 years of counseling may surprise you, just like it continues to surprise me. I’ve seen it with people working for minimum wage and those who have six figure incomes. I’ve seen it with people working for minimum wage and those who have graduate degrees. And, I’ve seen it with those who are staying at home raising their children to heads of companies. I’m talking about deprivation – that feeling that “there's never enough and there will never be enough". This year for the first time ever, I have created a program, Healing Deprivation: The Key to Creating a Lifestyle of Meaning, Satisfaction & Abundance, to go deep into the subject of deprivation and how you can overcome it. I will be presenting this in a FREE webinar on Tuesday, March 7th, at 4 pm P...Continue Reading