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5 Symptoms of Financial “Dis-ease” — Do You Identify?

“Dis-ease”? I have come to regard the emotional stress, compromised relationships, and destructive patterns that many people have with money as financial dis-ease. Notice the hyphen. Clearly, if you are experiencing financial stress and anxiety, you are not at ease. Financial dis-ease can erode relationships, limit creativity, tarnish integrity and actually harm your health. I want to share with you five common symptoms you or someone you love may be experiencing. Why? Because the first step to recovering from this condition is naming it. Do you identify with any of these symptoms of financial dis-ease? 1. Denial Years ago, I was in complete denial, throwing my bills in a deep, dark wooden bowl, pretending the problem was not growing. Some people have no idea how much money they have, how much they need, or how much they owe. They ...Continue Reading