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How to create a work History Inventory for More Career and Financial Satisfaction

The recent swings in the economy have been very stressful for people. We may think that it isn't the time to look at our work and the money we make. But as my friend and colleague Barbara Stanny recently wrote, every crisis is a wake-up call, urging us to examine what is happening and asking us to consider doing things different. So in this light, I ask you-- is your work “working” for you? Now IS the time to examine this. For the past month I’ve been blogging about your relationship between work and money. I’ve shared several case studies of people’s relationship to work and money. There was the story of Diane- she made great money but her work didn’t work for her. There was Joanna—she loved her job, but the money didn’t work. Completing a work history inventory will help you explore how your decisions about work may ...Continue Reading