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Money & Financial Recovery: Take this First Step and Heal Your Relationship with Money

If you’re worried about your finances or struggling to get by, it’s easy to think that the root of your problem is that you simply don’t have enough money. You can’t help but think, “If only I had more money then I could…” You can fill in the blank. And you’re not alone. Most people think their money problems come from not having enough. But the truth is, the core cause of most people’s ongoing financial trouble is an unhealthy relationship with money. While anyone can have a situational financial problem due to extenuating circumstances, like a job loss, a failed business, a medical condition, some people’s money issues crop up over and over again. Those ongoing financial challenges are not merely situational but reflect a destructive pattern in one’s relationships with money. In his book The Secret Languag...Continue Reading

Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt: 7 Steps to Life-Long Financial Freedom

People get out of debt all the time. The real challenge is to stay out of debt. Just like yo-yo dieting where you knuckle down, stick to a diet for 4-6 weeks and lose a lot of weight only to gain it all back, most people who work to get out of debt eventually end up with an even heavier load of debt. Again. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are 8 Steps that outline how you can "save your way out of debt" and stay out of debt forever. Step 1: Avoid Deprivation Most people assume that getting out of debt requires living without all the things they enjoy the most. Not so. In fact, you have to create a spending plan that allows you to feel comfortable and satisfied, rather than deprived. Any feeling of deprivation will eventually lead to overspending. And overspending only leads to more debt. Step 2: Stop the Leaks by Stabilizing ...Continue Reading

Creating the Holiday of your Dreams—with No Added Debt

For many people, the holiday season is a mad rush of spending too much time, too much energy, and too much money. We start the holidays with dread and end them in debt – and it’s no wonder: for months, we are bombarded with advertisements and peer pressure to buy more, spend more, and do more. What happened to connecting with people we love? Celebrating the joy of being alive? The simple pleasures of giving? At the Financial Recovery Institute, we’ve helped thousands of clients break their holiday over-spending habit, and I’ve learned that the best way to do it is by making a solid plan. Having a plan for the holidays means understanding your history, being clear about your expectations, and coming up with a balanced approach to spending your time, your energy and your money. In my Holiday planner, (which is yours for free- plea...Continue Reading

October Training Starting– Design the Life of Your Dreams by Becoming a Financial Recovery Counselor

The recent swings in the economy show us how stressful it can be to be reliant on someone for our employment. What if you were in control of your career? And what if your work was truly meaningful, helping others take control of their financial lives? Here at the Financial Recovery Institute, we are getting ready to start our next training class, and I am inviting you to be a part of it. The group portion of our training begins in Late September, so now is the time to consider this opportunity. The training program is 18 months long, and you can begin seeing clients before you complete the program. Whether you're a health care professional, coach, financial educator or an entrepreneur ready for a new career, the Financial Recovery training programs gives you the skills, tools, and experience you need to build a successful business or...Continue Reading