Money Moments – Who Needs a Money Coach and How Do I Find One?

I am frequently asked, “Why a money coach? Why would I need one? How do I find one?” Carrie Friedberg summed it up well in my interview with her as she told me her story.

Constantly Worried About Money

Carrie describes how she was an under-earner who felt hopeless, anxious, and constantly worried about money. Her fear around money affected her personal relationships and hampered her dreams. She tried traditional software programs, as well as financial therapy, to “fix” her issues with money, but nothing gave her lasting results….until she enlisted the help of a Financial Recovery money coach. She and her coach addressed not only her practical issues with money, but her emotional issues. She healed her relationship with money and now proactively plans her spending and earnings on a monthly and annual basis, maintains savings, and has expanded the vision she’s had for her life and business.

Working With A Money Coach

Carrie shares in her story how working with a money coach was so inspiring and life changing that she gave up her teaching career and decided to take the Financial Recovery Counselor Training to become a coach herself. She is now a very successful money coach and helps others experience the financial freedom as she has, so that they can also feel empowered, calm and peaceful about money.

Why Financial Recovery?

What was different from other approaches Carrie tried, is that Financial Recovery’s holistic approach is a process that helps you develop a healthy relationship with money that’s both healing and life changing. It enables you to understand where you are, how you got there, and how to change your financial circumstances in the present, and how to maintain a healthy financial way of life long into the future. Money coaching simultaneously addresses your internal needs and your external behaviors because these must be in harmony with each other. It’s a financial shift in the way you understand and behave around money and is both practical and emotional.

So…if you struggle with managing your money, are in a “money fog” (not knowing how much money you have or where your money goes), overspend or under-earn, are unable to save, feel as though you’re drowning in debt, or are just stressing about your relationship with money, a money coach can help. If you think you could benefit from working with one of our coaches, please check this page for to see our list of available counselors.


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