Money Moments – Is Your Work “Working” For You?

If you feel stuck, dissatisfied or out of place in your present job.

Or you’re craving more autonomy or financial freedom.

Or you keep thinking, “There’s got to be a better way to make a living.”

It could be that your work isn’t working for you…

And for your financial health, this matters a great deal because for most of us, work and money are inseparable.

Many people view work as just a means of earning money, but it can be so much more than that. This is true even if you work and don’t earn money (i.e. volunteering or being a stay-at-home mom).

Work can be a space where we express what’s important to us, where we tap into talents and qualities that make us unique.

When our work “works” for us, it fulfills many of our needs. It can be a rich source of satisfaction, confidence, success, and self-worth.

But as so many of us know, when our relationship with work (and the money it provides) is NOT working, it can cause stress, worry, and unhappiness.

If you’ve been feeling this, I encourage you to take steps to explore a career that fulfills you. It may be a role that already exists, or you may end up creating something brand new. Put one foot in front of the other, talk to those who’ve walked before you, and don’t give up.

To help you explore this area of your life, I’ve put together a few questions for you. Take a look and see what’s working and not working for you…

  1. How do you feel about your overall experience of the work you’re currently doing? Is it fulfilling? Satisfying?
  2. Is the stress level of the work manageable for you? What about the hours—are they compatible with your life?
  3. Is the money you receive from your work adequate to meet your needs and provide the lifestyle you choose?
  4. Do you have any secret or spoken fantasies about a profession or work style you’d prefer to the one you currently have?

If you’d like to dig deeper into your relationship with work, take a look at my mini eBook, “Is Your Work Working For You?”. I walk you through more exercises and insights to help you choose a career that fully supports your dreams, goals and ideal lifestyle. Go here to download your free copy.


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