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Money Moments - Financial Recovery has a new look!

One of my occasional guilty pleasures years ago was watching The Oprah Show in the afternoon. My favorites were when she’d do makeovers for a few lucky viewers. Wow, did those folks change!

The new haircuts and color, professional makeup, and a new style of clothing transformed their appearance and also how they felt about themselves. A new look is a powerful change agent.

About a year ago I began to feel that Financial Recovery needed a makeover. I craved new colors and a new style; a look that reflected who I am today vs. who I was 5 and a half years ago when the old one was conceived.

And I was looking for the perfect person to take my money coach training content and turn it into an interactive, online, well designed course.

If any of you have ever had a website or a course built you will understand when I say, it’s stressful finding the right designer. And in the case of an online course, one who understands learning, flow, and engagement.

Who to trust? How to explain my ideas well enough so that he or she can turn them into something I would be proud to offer? I’d love to say I made the perfect choice the first time around and that it all went smoothly.

It didn’t. Matter of fact, the first version of my hours of content and videos were unusable. I had to step away.

In a moment I thought would be unrelated I decided to send a note to an acquaintance who is also in the money coaching world. It was to say that I really liked what she was doing, what a great spokesperson she was for the industry, and bring her up to speed on my plans to work less and travel with my husband John.

When she replied she casually said, "You should hire my husband, Forest Linden founder of ClarityLab, to automate your business. He did it for me and it’s been amazing."

Because of that note and her suggestion, I can happily say that my course, World Class Money Coach Training is all I had hoped for and I got a fresh, new website thanks to Forest Linden.


One other thing on my business wish list was a team. I wanted to work with people who I felt connected to not just those who could perform the various jobs. Once again the stars aligned over the past couple of months and I can now say I have a dream team.

Gregory Anne Cox is assisting with copy, sales and landing pages.

Robbie Williams, whose business is The Savvy Associate, is my virtual assistant who is amazing at all things tech, getting these newsletters out, and keeping me on track.

I feel like I’ve got new family members.

What in your life could use a makeover? If it’s your relationship with money or earning head over to the new site and dig around. You’ll find articles on all aspects of money and our relationship to it.


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