Dana Conley, M.A, is now a Certified Financial Recovery℠ Counselor!

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce you to Dana Conley, our newest Certified Financial Recovery Counselor!

Dana brings a wealth of education and training to the Financial Recovery process. As a Life Transformation Coach for 15 years, Dana has inspired and supported hundreds of individuals in private sessions, classes, and workshops to develop mindfulness, master their mindset, and manifest their dreams. Her background and experience in holistic healing, teaching, and coaching perfectly complements the Financial Recovery process and gives her clients a variety of tools to heal their relationship with money and create a richer life.

Dana is a life-long learner that loves to educate and empower others through stories. I asked her to share a bit about herself and part of her own money story to illustrate her unique approach to her Financial Recovery practice.


Like most people, my journey to becoming a Financial Recovery Counselor was a long and winding path. As far back as high school, I can remember that I believed in the concept of mind over matter and that all our answers were inside of us. Somehow I knew that whenever I needed to make an important life decision, it was essential to quiet my mind and listen to my heart.

This simple practice got me in touch with what had meaning to me and it inspired me to follow my dreams. I couldn’t articulate it back then, but it instilled in me the desire to live my life in alignment with my vision and values and support others in doing the same.

My big dream in high school was to become a school counselor. I was an average student and didn’t have the grades, motivation, or money to go to college. I didn’t believe that I had what it took to get a Master’s Degree, let alone two! What I did have was a dream and a strong desire that supported me in becoming credentialed as a school counselor. The process took 10 years and built my self-worth, belief in my dreams, and innate power to create a fulfilling life.

At one point I became disenchanted with the real world of school counseling, and I tuned in again to discern what I was feeling called to do. I followed my heart and began exploring nutrition, holistic healing, yoga, and meditation. I was inspired to train as a massage therapist and became certified in a wide variety of healing techniques. I went on to receive another Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and that radically shifted how I look at myself, my life, and the world.

It also confirmed what I knew in high school: that when we live our lives in alignment with our visions and values, we thrive.

Eventually, I left my “secure” counseling career and became a solopreneur offering holistic healing and coaching services. It was in this work with others that I discovered that most of my clients and colleagues struggled with money. It didn’t seem to matter how successful or intelligent they were. Whether they lacked financial knowledge and experience, were unaware of their beliefs, attitudes, and habits, or believed that someday they would be ok if they worked hard enough, married well, or inherited money, most felt powerless when it came to money.


 I was stumped by money too! Why did I struggle with money when I was a creative, educated, and successful woman? It was the only area of my life where I felt powerless and ashamed.  

I believed if I did what I loved, and worked hard enough, the money would follow. That magical thinking got me into a ton of debt. Even though I loved what I did, and worked hard, I was living for today, borrowing from my future, and hoping that one day I would get my financial life together.

Even though I got out of debt many times, I realize now that I didn’t change the thoughts and behaviors that got me into debt in the first place. I lived paycheck to paycheck, and when I didn’t have enough money to pay bills, I played the balance transfer game. I refinanced my condo multiple times, rolled my student and car loans into a home equity loan, and borrowed from my retirement – each time promising myself I would never do it again, that I would somehow learn to live within my means.

At one point I realized if I didn’t learn to manage my money, change my behaviors, and have my money work for me, I would be working to pay down debt for the rest of my life. I was surviving and I wanted to thrive.

What drew me to Karen McCall’s process was its unique focus on the inner work of Financial Recovery. As a healer, it resonated with me deeply. I set aside time to understand my money story and I began to heal my shame. In the process, I became conscious of the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors I had around earning, spending, and saving money. Doing this work – with a large dose of curiosity and compassion — created a fundamental shift in the way that I related to money. Looking back, I see this turn in my path led to a feeling of confidence and calm that now permeates every area of my life. 

 I now live within my means. I have built my net worth and my self-worth. Although I still have debt, I am free from its control because I have a plan and I am honoring that plan.

 When I found out about the opportunity to train as a coach and share this life-changing program with others, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. I now believe money is our most valuable partner in creating and living our best life, and that is why I became a Financial Recovery Counselor. It is the most important work I have felt called to do.


As a result of my journey coming full circle, I feel called to partner with single women and solopreneurs to support them in creating a healthy relationship with money. I know firsthand the challenges of having to do it all myself – managing my money, my business, and my life. Having a partner, someone to walk alongside you on this path is invaluable. In the beginning, Karen McCall’s Financial Recovery book and MoneyMinderOnline program were my partners. Although I initially resisted hiring a money coach because of the cost, I am so glad I did — it has more than paid for itself. Having the guidance, support, and fresh perspective of a trusted partner is priceless.


My heartfelt intention is to educate and empower others to heal their relationship with money and create a richer life.

The Financial Recovery process is an integral part of my practice. My background as a teacher, coach, and healer has given me an immense pool of resources to apply to my work with clients. I’m able to utilize healing techniques, mindfulness, mindset, and manifestation practices to enhance my client’s ability to align their life – and their money — with their vision and values.

My own personal journey is living proof that when you prioritize your needs and focus your resources — your time, energy, and money — on the things that matter most to you, you can revolutionize your life!

To your peace, security, and freedom,


Congratulations to Dana! She’s located in Orange County, California where she works with clients both in-person and via Zoom. Learn more about Dana and schedule a Complimentary Financial Recovery Discovery session here.


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