Colleen Bertolino is now a Certified Financial Recovery℠ Counselor

It’s my honor to introduce you to Colleen Bertolino, our newest Certified Financial Recovery Counselor!

I interviewed Colleen to learn more about her experience becoming and passion for being a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor through the Financial Recovery Institute.

Why did you become a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor?

My passion for helping those with financial hardship stems from my deeply personal experiences working with families and individuals struggling with substance, behavior, and mental health disorders. While educating and supporting families with recovery, I discovered a significant need for financial restoration. I witnessed clients selling homes, claiming bankruptcy, and draining savings and retirement funds, all to pay for their loved one’s treatment. I felt called to bridge the gap from financial despair to financial wellness. My life’s purpose is to serve, guiding clients toward greater health and happiness--mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and now financially as a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor™. I have excitedly unmasked another way to aid my clients to wholeness. My ability to fully work with clients feels complete.

I am profoundly grateful for Karen who created a map of financial recovery. After reading her book Financial Recovery, I enrolled in the World Class Money Coaching program, so I too can empower others to find financial peace and wholehearted wellness.

What are your coaching fundamentals and techniques?

My coaching fundamentals are:

  • Restore a client’s relationship with money
  • Journey to a clearer path of spending, saving, and eliminating debt
  • Gain financial credibility with oneself and others
  • Map out a step-by-step plan for future financial security
  • Unearth the hidden treasure of peace with her/his money

When I cultivate a safe space for clients to uncover the seeds of shame, secrecy, confusion, and illusion around money, I witness incredible growth; they blossom with mindful self-worth, integrity, and conviction in their financial management.

Clients whom I coach through the Money Minder (Grit) process realize a transformation is taking place. They receive practical tools and skills for a life-time journey of financial recovery. They are now equipped to weather the unexpected monetary storms of life and securely navigate their way back to financial preservation.

Initially, when clients start their financial adventure, they may feel scared, hopeless, and stuck with limited or no choices. Then, as they make more cognizant decisions around spending, saving, and paying down debt, they celebrate and are rewarded with their new-found wealth and a richness of confidence, clarity, calmness, and serenity.

What other services do you offer?

On my heart-centered journey to aid others, I have also become a Certified Mind-Body Healing Practitioner, a Certified CFI Family-Focused Interventionist, and a Certified BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach (who is licensed to enroll family members in a BALM®, Be A Loving Mirror, one-year comprehensive Family Recovery program). Additionally, I teach a 12-week Family Recovery Workshop for those affected by addiction and use disorders to create positive, empowering change.

My mission is to foster hope, healing, and transformation to as many individuals as possible.

Colleen services clients near and far, offering virtual video sessions. Please contact her for a complimentary consultation.


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