FINANCIAL RECOVERY: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money

Author: Karen McCall

Whether you are suffering under crushing debt, unable to save money, or caught in the tangle of inherited wealth, Karen McCall’s book, Financial Recovery: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money, offers a time-tested plan for building a stable and satisfying way of life — and keeping it that way. It will help you make a fundamental shift in the way you understand and behave around money.

Financial Recovery presents a simple system that enables you to discover your underlying attitudes about money — often the cause of self-defeating money behaviors, such as overspending, chronic debting, underearning, and having little or no savings — and provides the tools, strategies, and support to achieve financial well-being.

Karen McCall has more than twenty years of experience counseling people from all walks of life — people with millions of dollars, people with very little, and people whose means are somewhere in between. Financial Recovery will help you develop, and then maintain, full awareness of your spending, earning, and saving activities. It offers strategies for adapting your behavior to meet your most compelling needs, whatever your means. You can start right away using the resources you already have to create a stable and fulfilling relationship with money. Buy on Amazon.

MoneyMinder®Personal Autobiography eBook

Author: Karen McCall

The events of our childhood forcefully shape our lives whether we are conscious of them or not. Working back through our history can be important to see how we developed our belief systems and attitudes about money, and to see how these beliefs drive or impact our behaviors with money.

The MoneyMinder Personal Autobiography eBook can help you gain clarity about your financial history and help to transform your financial future.

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It’s Your Money

Author: Karen McCall
Published by Chronicle Books

For those whose idea of smart money management is a half-filled piggy bank with no visible hammer damage, It’s Your Money is the perfect guide to building a sound financial future. With simple strategies and plenty of space for tracking expenses and creating a monthly and annual spending plan, the goal of this cleverly designed guide and workbook is to help even the most financially fearful develop a better relationship with money. Author and financial counselor, Karen McCall, encourages readers to shed their self-defeating money behaviors and establish for themselves a new (and brighter) financial future. Whether evaluating finances before retirement or making a first contribution to a 401(k), every step of the process is made easier with this accessible workbook. It’s Your Money is here to show you the money. Buy on Amazon.

I Shop, Therefore I Am

Contributor: Karen McCall

Compulsive buying is a serious, often secretive affliction, with profound emotional, social, occupational, and financial consequences. As many as a quarter of us have problems with buying, and studies suggest that between one and six percent of the population are full-fledged compulsive buyers. I Shop, Therefore I Am: Compulsive Buying and the Search for Self brings together, for the first time, the most important thinking about this disorder. As more and more therapists encounter compulsive buying (whether as a presenting problem or revealed in the course of ongoing therapy), the need for an in-depth clinical understanding of the disorder has grown. Dr. Benson has responded admirably to that need with a practical, comprehensive, and wonderfully readable work.

While the book focuses a wide-angled lens on the many aspects of compulsive buying, it emphasizes understanding the disorder as a desperate search for self in people whose identity is not securely established. It defines the syndrome of compulsive consumption, examines the range and variations within it, discusses assessment and associated disorders, and delineates successful treatment modalities. Offering insights from a broad spectrum of therapies–psychopharmacology, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral treatment, couples and group therapy, self-help, and financial counseling–this book is an indispensable toolbox for the increasing number of therapists who see patients with shopping, buying, or debting problems. A Jason Aronson Book. Buy on Amazon.