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Money Moments – Avoid the Holiday Hangover

Karen McCall's Holiday Planner With the holiday season upon us, many may find themselves buying gifts, decorations, extra food for gatherings and parties with family and friends, barely giving a thought to the compounding purchases as we hand the clerk our plastic. It's as though we're on auto-pilot. We are so busy preparing for the festivities that we don't stop to think about the snowballing totals. Then, in January, the bill comes. As we look at the total, shocked, we literally feel a knot in the pit of our stomachs and wonder how in the world we could've racked up that much expense. We can't even remember what all the purchases were. We may feel shame for spending so much. "Why - and how - did I spend so much?" we may ask ourselves. We are surprised at how we could've gotten so out of control with our spending. We experience a hangover....a financial hangover! T...Continue Reading

Money Moments – Enjoy a Stress-free Holiday Season

We all know that though the holidays are a joyful time, they can actually bring great stress in our lives. We often struggle to enjoy the season because of expectations and pressures we put upon ourselves. Many of us overspend, then greet January with an emotional and spending hangover. Take heart! My Holiday Planner can help you create a holiday season that is balanced and financially sane. Below, I’ll share a part of my powerful process. For years the holidays left me with an emotional and financial hangover. If you can relate, I’d like to share the process that turned this around for me. The first step to making this holiday season better than previous ones is to examine what worked and what didn’t work with previous seasons. Would you like to do that? It’s not always easy, but let’s give it a try. Here’s an example...Continue Reading

Money Moments – Who Needs a Money Coach and How Do I Find One?

I am frequently asked, "Why a money coach? Why would I need one? How do I find one?" Carrie Friedberg summed it up well in my interview with her as she told me her story (you can read the whole interview here: http://www.financialrecovery.com/the-life-of-a-financial-recovery-counselor-an-interview-with-carrie-birgbauer/). Constantly Worried About Money Carrie describes how she was an under-earner who felt hopeless, anxious, and constantly worried about money. Her fear around money affected her personal relationships and hampered her dreams. She tried traditional software programs, as well as financial therapy, to "fix" her issues with money, but nothing gave her lasting results....until she enlisted the help of a Financial Recovery money coach.  She and her coach addressed not only her practical issues with money, but her emotional iss...Continue Reading

Money Moments – Find Your Earning Ceiling

Have you noticed that your income has danced around a specific number over the past several years, maybe even decades? That no matter how hard you work, you can’t break out of a certain pay range, whether it’s from $20K-$60K, $65k to $85K, or from $150K to $250K? You may blame the career you’ve chosen, or the economy—but the truth is, these external factors are often not the culprit. What is very likely happening is you have an Earning Ceiling—a number that your mind simply can’t imagine you moving beyond. It’s like a glass ceiling that lives inside you. You can’t see it but it’s there. And even if you don’t think you have one, you do. We all do. And make no mistake, its hold on you is powerful. So, how do you pinpoint what YOUR number is? The only way to dissolve it is to turn inward and start exploring. Today, ...Continue Reading

Money Moments – My remedy for this “ugly” election

This past weekend, I was hit with a bout of insomnia. Since the news broke on Friday of Trump’s audio and after watching what experts are calling “the ugliest Presidential Debate ever”, I’ve been, quite honestly, overwhelmed and unable to sleep. And something that Hillary said during the recent debate really hit it on the nose: “This is not an ordinary time and this is not an ordinary election. We are going to be choosing a president who will set policy for — not just four or eight years, but because of some of the important decisions we have to make… from the Supreme Court, to energy, and so much else —there is a lot at stake." Our nation is hurting right now, on a government level yes. But also, on a personal level whether you’re a Democrat or Republican. Each one of us has a lot at stake. We want our child...Continue Reading