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Money Moments: Deprivation – The Invisible Force Behind Money Issues

In this short video, I am actually reading from my own book, FINANCIAL RECOVERY: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money. Obviously, I like what I wrote! Shame and deprivation often plan into an unhealthy relationship to money. And in fact, if we don’t look at the effects of shame and deprivation, logical solutions to money problems won’t help us.  To truly help people heal their relationships with money, deprivation will usually need to be addressed. Deprivation means living in a state of emptiness and longing, of which we may not even be aware, but which nonetheless drives our choices. Deprivation is the wound that develops when our most essential needs - physical, emotional, social or spiritual – are not met, particularly when these needs are not met for a long time, and even more so when this happens to us early in ...Continue Reading

Why I took a month off

Every New Year's Day, my husband and I have a ritual that we go through around our financials.  Last year when we did this exercise, something was REALLY bothering me.  I knew that I was being called to do something else….. In this short video below, I share about what that was and how I developed a new strategy for my business, my financials and a way to serve more people with their money relationships: I hope that you enjoyed my video, and if you are interested in joining my powerful 6-month program, Redesign Your Money Relationship, register before midnight TONIGHT to receive two 60-minute private one-on-one sessions with me. Orientation starts this Thursday, so you don't want to miss out. Learn more here: www.financialrecovery.com/redesign Here's what one of my participants, Pam, said about the one-on-one support t...Continue Reading

Money Moments: Redesign Your Money Relationship

Happy New Year Everyone! I know for me the beginning of the year is a great time to think about what's important,....what I want to accomplish, what areas of deprivation I want to heal, what I want and need to earn, and to just tune in to what my soul is craving. I know I'm not alone. If you are feeling this way as well, I invite you to watch a video I did last month. It includes topics such as.... money problems and what to do about them financial dis-ease and its symptoms 3 signs of deprivation breaking denial the key to becoming conscious and connected to your money understanding needs and wants creating a personal spending and income plan debt and savings; understanding your relationship with work and earning If you would like to watch and listen to the webinar, click here: http://www.financialr...Continue Reading

A Video for the New Year

The New Year is an ideal time to evaluate what we need and value at a deep level, and reflect on how those needs and values are met or expressed through our relationship with money. In other words, how can you best take care of yourself this year by making choices that fill you up rather than leave you feeling empty or deprived? With that in mind, I’d like to share a short video produced by CMN.TV in which I speak briefly about how, by acknowledging the emptiness or sense of deprivation we may feel, we can make conscious, healing choices that allow us to not only restore our financial well-being but discover how to “fill-up” that inner emptiness. Once you’ve had a chance to watch the video, I’d love to hear how this message resonated with you. Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. ...Continue Reading

You can enjoy a richer life in 2017

The New Year is less than a month away and you may be starting to think about your resolutions. Was 2016 another year where you were always worried about money? Do you feel like that is holding you back? You may feel as though you look successful on the outside but on the inside you are living in a fog about money. Maybe you feel shame, secrecy or conflict in your relationships and have an overall feeling that there isn’t enough. I know that feeling. I have been there. It wasn’t until I started to think about money in an emotional and practical way that I started to live a richer and truer live. I redesigned my money relationship and now I want to invite you to take that first step to do the same by joining me on my upcoming FREE webinar: New Year, New You: It’s Time to Earn What You Deserve, Spend on What You Love, and Enj...Continue Reading