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Money Moments – How To Improve Your Relationship With Earning (Part 1)…

Money Moments How to improve your relationship with earning Today, I’m kicking off a special 3-part series that is dedicated to improving your relationship with earning. We’ll start with those of you who work a traditional, 9-to-5 job. (If you are self-employed, stay tuned for Part 2 next week.) As a salaried worker with a boss—or multiple bosses—you may feel like the amount of money you earn is totally out of your control. If you are like many people, you may have gone years without approaching your boss about an increase in salary. You may have assumed it will happen and have been waiting patiently (or impatiently). Even if you love your job, this scenario can easily bring up anger, resentment, and frustration. But in corporate settings it’s not uncommon for valuable employees to be overlooked, or passed up for a raise for various reasons. This does not mean getti...Continue Reading

Money Moments – What Your Work History Reveals About You

thoughtful writer Each one of us experiences events in our lives that forcefully shape our relationship to everything... money, work, personal relationships, and success. Since most of us work, or have held some type of job in the past, a person’s work history is often rich with insights and deep-seated beliefs that may otherwise be difficult to uncover. We may resist exploring our work history, but if it is not acknowledged, confronted, and brought into awareness, it will remain a major obstacle to overcoming self-destructive behaviors. Take a moment and reflect on the following: How do you feel about the jobs you’ve had? How have you gotten them, and how have you left them? Did you look forward to going to work or dread it? Did you find your work rewarding and fulfilling? Did you work to your fullest potential? Did you earn what you we...Continue Reading

Money Moments – How Your Family Shapes Your Money Relationship

girl hanging up money - Money Moments by Karen McCall Have you ever taken a moment to explore the ways your childhood shaped your relationship with money? If you grew up around role models who had a healthy relationship with money, you were very lucky. But if money has been an area of struggle for you, it pays to look back at your early family experiences. Let’s look at a few ways old family dynamics can play out in your work and earning choices. Some people grow up in affluent families, bonded mainly by the presence of family money. The knowledge that someone will always rescue them, either by gift or inheritance, extinguishes the fire in their belly for making their own way in the world. Other people grow up with modest means and as adults feel deep guilt for wanting a financial life bigger than the one from childhood. They may minimize their desire for a bigger life and j...Continue Reading

Money Moments – Is Your Work “Working” For You?

work-working-square If you feel stuck, dissatisfied or out of place in your present job. Or you’re craving more autonomy or financial freedom. Or you keep thinking, “There’s got to be a better way to make a living.” It could be that your work isn’t working for you… And for your financial health, this matters a great deal because for most of us, work and money are inseparable. Many people view work as just a means of earning money, but it can be so much more than that. This is true even if you work and don’t earn money (i.e. volunteering or being a stay-at-home mom). Work can be a space where we express what’s important to us, where we tap into talents and qualities that make us unique. When our work “works” for us, it fulfills many of our needs. It can be a rich source of satisfaction, confidence, success, and self-wo...Continue Reading

Money Moments – Five Tips to Survive Back-to-School Spending

Money Moments - Five Tips to Survive Back-to-School Spending Back-to-school, with all its financial pressures, can be a stressful time for many families. We’re all so busy that it often feels difficult to find the time, energy and money to plan for the new school year. Setting a time to go get those clothes, shoes and supplies should be something kids look forward to doing with you. It's a time when they get to make choices, but for parents, it can be draining....financially and emotionally. Here are five tips to help make your school shopping a positive experience for you and your kids and to help make the process go more smoothly.   Look honestly at your situation and make a plan. It’s hard to look at things we feel fearful about, and Back-to-School Spending can be one of those things. School shopping can put a dent in one's finances so it's important to figure out what you a...Continue Reading