Make Great Money Helping People Achieve Financial Well-Being.

Whether you’re ready to launch a new career as a money coach or elevate your existing business, the Financial RecoverySM Institute gives you the training you need to:

  • Make great money, in any economy, by helping people achieve financial stability.
  • Start your own business, set your own hours and work anywhere in the world.
  • Go to bed each night and wake up every morning knowing your work is transforming people’s lives.
Is Your Work Working for You

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What people are saying...

Mikelann Valterra

“To say the training with Karen McCall is the best investment I’ve ever made is an understatement. The process she created is phenomenal, both in how it teaches people to take control of their finances, and how it gets to the root of deep-seated emotional blockages around money. … I’ve been successfully self-employed, making great money for over 15 years now - and my clients’ lives have truly changed as a result of the powerful Financial Recovery process.”

- Mikelann Valterra, Founder, The Women’s Earning Institute
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Take Control of Your Money. Take Charge of Your Life.

In as little as 5 minutes a day, you can take control of your money, design your financial future and put an end to your money worries… once and for all.


Is Your Work
Working for You?


Or are you underpaid, overworked, unappreciated and wondering what to do next?

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